Kane and Lynch Dead Men Review-A Pretty Good Game

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Kane and Lynch: Dead Men is actually a pretty good game in my opinion. I had mixed feelings about this game but after playing it I was pleasantly surprised on a lot of fronts.

The game kind of reminds me of ghost recon in the way that you really have to be tactical and know how to direct your team if you want to live. The faster you can realize that you need to stay in a group and send in your people ahead of you to clear areas, the better off you will be. Let them start and you come behind and finish. The graphics arent the greatest but they are ok. The storyline was actually pretty good until the end which was a disappoint for either ending.

The game did for the most part stay on a believable track and you strangely find yourself routing for Kane, an anti-hero if you ever found one. No good deed goes unpunished in the end and the ending is proof of that.The game is a fast paced, bullet flying, adrenaline rush. There are a few points in the game that will really frustrate you. The scene where you have to kill the truck driver, or the one where you have to get out of the club, or oh my personal favorite on the roof with the helicopter. If you played this game you know what I am talking about and if you haven’t you will. I did beat the game in about 9 hours so its not really a long game but I suppose it does have decent replay value. Feel free to drop me a comment if you are stuck, I will help if I can.

*Note: To all you gamers playing this on PC, I wanna let you know that you are not crazy there appears to be a glitch in the PC version of the game and though I don’t review PC games an awesome gamer named Ben pointed it out to me and I decided that it was worth putting up in case others come across the problem. So the tip is about the part when you have to shoot the mine when you are in the hacienda and you are listening to the brothers talk.

“Shoot the mine when Lynch says to, Not when the convo ends. There is a glitch in the PC version at that part of the game.”

Hope this helps you PC gamers and thanks Ben.

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