An Afternoon With Hideo Kojima: 25 Years Of Metal Gear Solid [INTERVIEW] (Part 2)

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Welcome to the second half of our two-part series “An Afternoon With Hideo Kojima: 25 Years Of Metal Gear Solid”. If you missed part one I suggest you read it here first before diving into this one. In Part 2 we talk about how Kojima feels being defined by Metal Gear, what he thinks about the Wii U and more.

Hideo KojimaBeing Defined By Metal Gear

At this point when you say Hideo Kojima, you might as well be saying Metal Gear because the two are synonymous. He said that while he has no problem with Kojima Productions being associated with the franchise, he doesn’t necessarily like the fact that people think his name automatically equals Metal Gear. While he still loves the Metal Gear franchise and wants to continue developing it, he did say the he wants to work on new titles and projects that aren’t at all related to the iconic franchise as well.

Snake In Super Smash Bros

When asked about Snake’s appearance in the game, Kojima told a very interesting story. His son is a fan of the Super Smash Bros series and asked him one day why none of his characters were in the game, I mean if you have a fighting game and you need bad assess who is more bad ass than Snake. He said that he saw it as a great opportunity to expose Nintendo players to the franchise since besides Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes they really hadn’t experienced it. He also felt it was a good chance to expose younger players to the franchise. It turned out to be a brilliant move as Snake was one of the more used characters in the game.

An Idol’s Idol

Shigeru Miyamoto

Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of Mario, Zelda, and much more

Hideo Kojima is one the famous video game designers to ever live, people idolize the man. If you ask a lot of great developers out there who inspired them to get into the industry, a lot of them would say Hideo Kojima. So I found it extremely compelling when Kojima talked about how much he admired Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of several legendary Nintendo franchises including Mario, Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, Star Fox, and F-Zero. He actually said that Miyamoto was like a god to him and I thought it telling that one who so many consider a god has one of this own. He went on to talk about how much respect and admiration he had for Miyamoto and while they know each other he almost doesn’t want to get to know him too well for fear it would mess up idealized view of him. This sentiment is what makes Kojima such a compelling individual, so much brilliance and yet so humble.

HD Remakes

Kojima said that he wasn’t against them at all, though he thought that some games presented more challenge than others. For instance, he said that if he had to remake Metal Gear Solid they would have to completely redo the entire game, regular upscaling wouldn’t work because the polygon models were simply too low to get any real benefit any other way.

Metal Gear’s Unique Sense Of Humor

The Metal Gear Solid franchise has always had a unique sense of humor (the cardboard box) and Kojima said that it was really his own quirky sense of humor coming through in his games. He said that once again it almost didn’t make it into the game because the rest of his team thought it was corny. He said he felt that if at some point another person took over the franchise that the humor might go away with him and that the franchise would probably focus on making Snake as cool as possible. Personally, I like the few quirky moments found in previous games

Kojima On The Wii U

The Wii U is a special case according to Kojima and if they ever did bring Metal Gear to the console it would have to be unique and designed specifically for the Wii U. He took this opportunity to reiterate the his team’s new Fox Engine is designed to be hardware agnostic and therefore if at some point they wanted to do a game for the Wii U there wouldn’t be any issue using it for a Wii U title.

Would Hideo Kojima Ever Consider A Kickstarter Project?

Absolutely. While he didn’t go into any particular details he did say that he would definitely consider doing a fan funded Kickstarter project at some point if the right opportunity came along.

Metal Gear Solid MMO?

Kojima said that he considered the MMO space to be very important for the franchise going forward, in fact he called it a “requirement”.  How, when and to what degree that would be done he didn’t say.

Odds And Ends

These are the last few points that I had in my notes that didn’t really fit but I thought there was some interesting stuff in here that some folks might be interested in.

  • Kojima said that he really liked the idea of a game based around The Boss and that the possibility of a game based on her was a good possibility, but didn’t indicate any kind of timeframe.
  • Kojima said that more than likely the Metal Gear Solid franchise would be multiplatform going forward.
  • He spoke briefly about Metal Gear Online (MGO) saying that he thought it may have been tailored a bit too much to Japanese taste and that in the future he wants to make sure that the games stay closer to that world view he talked about earlier in order to have maximum appeal.

Well folks I hope you enjoyed our two-part series “An Afternoon With Hideo Kojima: 25 Years Of Metal Gear Solid” as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you. Since unfortunately the majority of you will never have the opportunity to meet Mr. Kojima in person like I did I would just tell you that he is a very gracious and humble man. He actually offered to sign things for the journalist in attendance and took pictures with folks and was just great. I already admired his work before I met him and now that I have I am in even more awe that he is so normal and down to earth.

To close this thing out I want to say thanks to Konami for making the event possible and of course a very big thanks to Hideo Kojima for being so accommodating and giving us some much of his time. Until the next time folks, keep it locked to ZoKnowsGaming for all the latest gaming and technology news.

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