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Well its that time again folks, time for THQ to drop its always anticipated and sometimes celebrated WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2010. While the game is still a bit out with a release date of October 20th, until then we have your fix for everything to do with SVR 10.  We have some a few short trailers(so far), some awesome screenshots and character renders, and a few more game details you might not have known about. I gotta say that I am impressed with the amount of customization they are giving players this year from creating unique storylines to doing something that a lot of you have wanted for a while and that’s to be able to edit the real Superstars and not just your created wrestlers. They have integrated the system more than ever before into the actual character creation system used to make the regular superstars so that you characters looks as much like they belong in the game as the regular superstars do. It’s also good to see the Divas getting their own Road To Wrestlemania this year.


And its an FU for Randy Orton, oops my bad the “Attitude Adjuster”

So you guys were so excited about the info we gave you in the post linked to above we decided to give you even more, so here we go.

Game Features

PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 Specific Game Features

  • Create-A-Superstar Redesign-The franchise’s renowned customization interface delivers a new look, improved graphical quality and a host of new parts, allowing players to crate Superstars who are comparable in quality with their WWE counterparts. Take creation one step further with a new Paint Tool to detail created Superstars with original tattoos, logos, and other unique designs.
  • Share The Creativity-Share created content with the WWE Universe by uploading created Supestars, entrances, finishing moves, highlight reels, created storylines and more. Utilize the keyword search engine to view created content from around the world and download for use both offline and online.
  • Superstar Threads– For the first time in franchise history, create alternate ring gear for Superstars by customizing the colors of their shirts, logos, face paint, elbow pads, boots and much more. Save the alternate looks for use throughout the game and online to show off the Superstars in grand fashion.
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