Top 10 1 Star Or 2 Star Teams To Start Your NCAA 14 Dynasty With

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So it’s about that time folks as NCAA Football 14 drops tomorrow and many of you will be hopping onto the sticks to start your dynasties. Now when it comes to NCAA Football and dynasties, there are generally two types of players. There is the type of player that normally picks their favorite team, regardless of rating. Then there is a special kind of player, this is the type of player who loves to challenge themselves in Dynasty mode by taking a team from the bottom of the barrel and steering them to GREATNESS!! If you can’t already tell, I’m cut from the latter cloth. I love to take relatively unknown teams and take them from nothing to the top of the college football world. As a Georgia fan it’s just really no fun starting out with all that talent, I’ve always felt that if I won with a team that was already good it was less about my skill and more about the fact the team was just that good. Now some folks will argue that playing with a good team on the highest difficulty level is the same way but I simply beg to differ. There are some teams on NCAA Football that you’d have a tough time beating any of the decent SEC teams on Varsity difficulty with. Those are the bottom of the barrel, low talent, underdogs that I’ve grown to love taking control of in NCAA. If you are like me then I’m about to layout the top 10 1 star and 2 star teams in NCAA 14.


These are in no particular order and I’m grabbing 5 teams for each tier.

1 Star

  • Washington State, PAC 12, 79 OVR, 81 OFF, 80 DEF — I honestly think one star is a little low for the Cougars but hey that’s where they have them.
  • Buffalo, MAC, 79 OVR, 81 OFF, 78 DEF — The Bulls might not be that well known on the national scene but they have quite a bit of talent waiting to be tapped.
  • FIU, CUSA, 79 OVR, 77 OFF, 80 DEF — The Golden Panthers are a solid squad and while they are a bit weak on the offensive side of the ball, there defense is solid. You’ll have to protect their corners though with lots of zone coverage as they aren’t as fast as one would hope.
  • San Jose State, MWC, 77 OVR, 81 OFF, 76 DEF — The Spartans have some serious potential with quite a few surprising weapons on offense. There defense leaves something to be desired but that can be fixed.
  • UL Lafayette, Sun Belt, 77 OVR, 81 OFF, 75 — The Ragin Cajuns are our last 1 star team but they certainly aren’t least. You might not have heard of them but the have some talent. With the right coaching and a little luck, they could become a national powerhouse.


2 Star

There is quite a serious jump in talent here, so don’t let the number of stars fool you. I’ve purposely excluded Maryland who somehow ended up with two stars but they are way too good to be on this list. I almost excluded ECU for the same reason but they haven’t really come to national prominence yet.

  • Colorado, PAC 12, 79 OVR, 81 OFF, 78 OFF — The Buffaloes have been down a bit over the last few years but I’m sure you are just the person to bring them back.
  • UCONN, Independent, 81 OVR, 84 OFF, 80 DEF — Isn’t UCONN a basketball school? I thought the same thing but it appears if the huskies are no pushover on the gridiron either.
  • East Carolina, CUSA, 84 OVR, 86 OFF, 83 DEF — The Pirates have been on the rise ever since Chris Johnson let up their campus a few years back. The team is very well balanced and right on the brink of breaking out.
  • Kentucky, SEC, 84 OVR, 84 OFF, 83 DEF — This is another school that is much better known for basketball than football but they are on the come up. The Wildcats are a forced to be reckoned with, I mean they have to at least be fairly decent to not get absolutely obliterated in the powerhouse SEC.
  • Wake Forest, ACC, 83 OVR, 83 OFF, 85 DEF — The Demon Deacons have been improving every year for the past few years now and they are coming into their own.

So there you have it folks, the best 1 and 2 star teams in NCAA Football 14. I know everyone has different rules about this, a common one is the team can’t be above 80. As this is a general list I didn’t want to put any of those stipulations on it though. With the improvements in NCAA 14, even with some of the higher ranked teams on this list you’ll find yourself struggling when you go up against the big boys of the SEC and PAC 12. As an aside none of these teams are ranked and if you want to get ranked I suggest you do two things. First before you select your team via the selection screen, go to the Custom Conferences screen and put your team in a bigger conference, SEC or PAC 2 should do it. Trying to come out of some of these smaller conferences even if you play a difficult schedule can prove difficult. Second, after you’ve selected your team and are at the initial setup screen, make sure you go to custom schedule and replace any weak games on your schedule with the highest ranked team you can find.

As someone who started a Dynasty with FIU, trust me when I say the road will not be easy. You will more than likely be outmatched every game at every position. You’ve got to be smarter and dig deeper if you want to beat the best teams in the country. If you have a decent running back, use him. The run game in this year’s game is great and running allows you to get “setup” plays. If you are using the run to set up the pass, the “setup” play will usually cause the DB’s to take the one or two steps forward that your guys need to get a step on them and that could be the difference between victory and defeat.

Good luck!!

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