Dead Island “In-Progress” Trophies Reset After 1.01 Patch, Yep That Sucks

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We owe this to our very own Christopher Poirier for discovering this one and its a doozy. Chris was doing his thing on Dead Island, a title that he had lots of good things to say about  in his Dead Island review and then he got a bit of bad news. Chris discovered that after downloading  the latest Dead Island patch for PS3, all the progress on trophies he hadn’t acquired had been lost. As Chris so elegantly put it:

dead island white logo ZKG 550x385

“ that’s kind of annoying..the latest #ps3 patch of #deadisland reset my in progress trophies.. #lame #ZKG”

We have gotten additional confirmation since then that this definitely wasn’t an isolated incident for Chris, it may well have happened for several other if not all players. If it’s not happening for all players then it’s not yet clear why it’s affecting some people and not others. For now at least this bug doesn’t seem to have affected any trophies that you had acquired, just the ones you were on the way to getting. We have a note out to the folks behind Dead Island to try to get some clarity on this issue and as soon as we know you will.

Anybody else have this happen to them, go ahead and rant here for a second and let us know how you feel about this.

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