“Sengoku BASARA: Samurai Heroes” Launches For PS3 and Wii October 12th

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From the producer of Devil May Cry 4, Hiroyuki Kobayashi, Sengoku BASARA: Samurai Heroes finds players picking up the arms of more than a dozen samurai heroes each with their own unique weapons and battle styles. Players will be able to take on hundreds of worthy opponents and combat fantastic bosses across numerous battlefields in a quest to rule all of 16th century Japan. Utilizing upgradeable weapons, masterful special moves and deadly BASARA arts, players leave their mark re-writing Japanese history.. in a lot of blood.


While not a lot is known yet on the game, it will be at least historically accurate, thanks to Basara’s attentive retellings – though the 100+ air juggling may potentially lead you astray in your History class but you get the point. Stay tuned for more on the game as as we get more information.

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