NCAA Football 12 Launch Day Update Detailed

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We have had our hands on NCAA Football 12 for over a week now but now we are just a few short days away from everyone being able to get their hands on it. The folks over at EA Sports detailed a launch day update for the game that will address a lot of issues that folks that have had the game early have been seeing which is good for you. The update is already locked, loaded and waiting so as soon as you pop the game disc in you will be prompted to update. EA Sports knows that a lot of you wonder why a game has a launch day update and so they explained the reason behind it. They said that with the timing of the development cycles for NCAA and Madden they always reach a deadline where we can no longer take updates from the central gameplay team. Once they reach that point their focus is 100% on getting the game ready to submit to Sony and Microsoft so that they can meet the street date and get the game on the shelves. While all of this is going on the gameplay guys are still hard at work as they are driving towards Madden’s deadline. A lot of the launch day update is comprised of the tuning and bug fixing that was done after the cutoff date. They also took into account feedback that they got from you guys on the demo.  With the update you will now be able to edit rosters from inside of Dynasty mode. Plus, in Online Dynasty the commissioner will have the ability to edit rosters.

They were also able to identify a number of  issues and include them in this update. Here are the exploits and the potential online grieve they have addressed:

– Fixed an exploit involving manual direction changes for receivers that was allowing for “jetpack catches” on streak routes.

– Fixed an exploit where defenders were not switching assignments properly when an outside receiver was put in motion.

– Removed an exploit that allowed for pitching on QB sneaks.

– Fixed an exploit that involved hot routing a PA pass while under center and running with the QB.

– Fixed an exploit in the 4-2-5 where the ROLB was not being blocked in certain offensive formations.

– Fixed an exploit with the QB Contain assignment.

– Fixed an exploit with the Fake Punt Pass which was caused by linemen getting cut blocked too frequently.

– Fixed an online grieve that could be performed on Xbox 360 by repeatedly pulling and inserting a Memory Unit during a play.

Here are the other issues addressed in this update:


– Fixed an issue with the velocity of receivers when attempting to catch a pass that prevented catch animations from playing in certain situations (i.e. the ball bouncing off of a receiver without them making an attempt to catch it).

– Fixed an issue with blocking assignments where offensive linemen were not correctly picking up defenders that went from man coverage assignments to chasing down the ball carrier on running plays.

– Fixed an issue with offensive players who were out of position to make a block too often due to their assignments getting crossed with another player when determining who to block mid-play.

– Fixed an issue where defensive coverage assignments were not updated correctly when the offense called an audible.

– Fixed and issue that was causing defenders to play the curl route too effectively.

– Fixed an issue where the play was not always whistled dead when the kicking team touched the ball.

– Tuned and fixed issues with AI ball carriers running decisions and use of special moves (jukes, spins, etc.)

– Fixed an issue where fumbles were being called too often on a late throw away during a sack.

– Fixed an issue where a safety playing deep zone did not cover properly against a Trips set.

– Fixed an issue in 2 Man Under where the Free Safety did not cover the deep post route properly.

– Fixed an issue with Cover 1 in the 4-2-5 where the safety was attempting to cover a WR on the other side of the field.

– Fixed an issue during post and pre-play where player’s heads would snap to change what they were looking at, which looked very awkward.

– Fixed an issue to prevent linebackers from man aligning when in Cover 3 Zone.


– The PAC-12 Championship game logo has been added and appears both in the UI as well as on player’s uniforms during the game.

– Fixed an issue on the Job Openings screen of the Coaching Carousel that always defaulted you back to the top of the list.

– Fixed an issue in Online Dynasty where multiple Dynasty members using the same playbook caused a bug preventing both users from being able to edit their playbooks.

– Fixed a timing related crash bug that occasionally occurred when backing out of a Dynasty from within the coach editor.

– Fixed an issue with Custom Conference scheduling with moving a school from one division to another in a 13 or 15 team conference that resulted in some schools only having two conference games in a season.

– Fixed a rare issue where as a coordinator you were not on the field for plays when you should be.

– Fixed an issue with record breaker banners in Online Dynasty that caused the banner to appear too often.

– Fixed an issue where custom playbooks were not displayed properly for coaches when at the Coaching Carousel screen.

– Fixed and issue where edits to a coach where not being saved properly if you went directly into an online game after making the coach edits.


– Fixed a very rare crash that occurred when entering online games on PS3.

– Fixed various disconnect and dysnc issues.

Road to Glory

– Fixed an issue that prevented you from using team colored gloves once you got to college.

– Fixed an issue where stat banners in-game showed only solo tackles instead of total tackles for a player.


– Included the ability to change the CPU controlled team’s playbook at team select.

– Fixed an issue in Custom Playbooks where removing too many formations resulted in an empty playbook.

– Fixed an issue with the look of the sparkle on helmets in night games.

– Fixed an issue where extremely long highlights would start to get choppy after the first five seconds of playback.

Week Advance Anywhere Update

One of the new features we have added for Online Dynasty is “Week Advance Anywhere”, a premium DLC feature that allows commissioners the ability to advance the week of their Online Dynasties from the website. To ensure that we are delivering a feature that is of the highest possible quality, they have made the decision to delay the launch of Week Advance Anywhere until August. The other premium DLC feature in Online Dynasty is “SuperSim on the Web” which will be available at launch for a new onetime fee of $1.99. If you decide to purchase the Commissioner Bundle DLC for $6.99 before Week Advance Anywhere goes live, you will receive the ability host up to five Online Dynasties as well as access to SuperSim on the Web. Once Week Advance Anywhere becomes available it will be automatically unlocked and available to be used.

If you purchase the Commissioner Bundle after Week Advance Anywhere goes live you will get the ability to host up to five Online Dynasties, SuperSim on the Web, and Week Advance Anywhere for $6.99. After Week Advance Anywhere goes live, you will still be able to purchase SuperSim on the Web for $1.99 or you can purchase Week Advance Anywhere for $2.99 which will also include access to the SuperSim on the Web feature.

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