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Olivia Brooks

Olivia Brooks, a Boston native, is a celebrated culture and arts journalist. A graduate of Boston University's College of Communication, Olivia's articles often explore the intersection of contemporary culture, arts, and societal changes. Her features appear in outlets like The Atlantic, Vanity Fair, and the Smithsonian Magazine. With her unique ability to shed light on emerging artists and the global impact of popular culture, she has quickly become a respected name in arts journalism. When not writing, Olivia is an advocate for arts education in schools and often conducts workshops for budding journalists.

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Clara Mitchell

Clara Mitchell is a London-based environmental journalist with a passion for telling stories about climate change and sustainability. She holds a degree in Environmental Sciences from the University of Oxford, which she skillfully combines with her journalistic talents. Clara has reported from the frontlines of climate protests, documented the effects of rising sea levels on coastal communities, and has been published in both The Guardian and BBC News. In 2022, Clara published her first book, "Green Horizons: The Fight for a Sustainable Future."

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Benjamin (Ben) Carter

Benjamin Carter, known to most as Ben, is a seasoned technology journalist based in Silicon Valley. He holds a master's degree in Digital Media from Stanford University. For over a decade, Ben has covered the ever-evolving tech industry, profiling startups and interviewing some of the biggest names in tech. He currently writes a weekly column for Wired, exploring the implications of technology on society. In his free time, Ben hosts a popular podcast, "Tech & Tomorrow," where he delves deep into future tech trends.

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Robert (Rob) Hayes

Robert Hayes, commonly referred to as Rob, is a sports journalist hailing from Chicago. Specializing in baseball and basketball, Rob's articles regularly appear in ESPN Magazine and Sports Illustrated. He began his career as a sports announcer for local radio stations, later transitioning to print and digital media. Rob's engaging writing style, combined with his deep understanding of the games he covers, has earned him a reputation as a trusted voice in the sports journalism community. In 2019, he released a documentary on the history of basketball in Chicago, which garnered critical acclaim.

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