ZKG’s Madden 10 Franchise: Transactions List

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ZoKnowsGaming Madden Franchise Transaction List

  1. Trade WR D. Northcutt and QB D. Stanton for QB D. Dixon, WR M. Wallace, and 4th round pick (PIT)
  2. Trade RB M. Morris, 3rd & 4th Round pick for RB J. Norwood, 4th & 5th Round pick (ATL)
  3. Trade RB A. Brown & 5th Round pick for RB M. Goodson and 5th Round pick (CAR)
  4. Release RB A. Cason (no cap penalty)
  5. Sign FB J. Bradley from Free Agent for depth
  6. Trade WR B. Johnson and 1st round pick for WR V. Jackson, 1st & 3rd round pick (SD)
  7. Resign RB J. Norwood – 5yr/21 million
  8. Resign RB K. Smith – 5yr/25.5 million
  9. Trade WR K. Colbert and 2nd Round pick for WR S. Breaston, 3rd & 4th Round pick (ARI)
  10. Trade LE J. Devries, 3rd & 4th round pick for LE Q. Groves, 5th & 6th Round pick (JAX)
  11. Trade DE D. White, CB A. Henry, and 3rd Round pick for DE M. Johnson, CB J. Joseph and 4th Round pick (CIN)
  12. Trade DT C. Darby, FS L. Hicks, and 4th Round pick for DT R. Brace, CB T. Wheatley  and 5th Round pick (NE)
  13. Trade TE D.Gronkowski, 4th & 5th Round pick for MLB G. Guyton, 6th & 7th Round pick (NE)
  14. Trade DT G. Jackson, and 2 7th Round picks for DT D. Dvoracek, 4th and 5th Round picks (CHI)
  15. Trade WR A. Jennings, 5th & 6th Round picks for DT L. Garon, 6th & 7th Round picks (MIN)
  16. Trade LT J. Backus, TE C. Fitzsimmons, 7th Round pick for TE J. Cook Jr., LT M. Otto, and 5th Round pick (TEN)
  17. Trade G D. Cook, and 2 4th Round picks for G J. Zuttah, 5th & 6th Round picks (TB)
  18. Trade RT J. Jansen, and 2 6th Round picks for RT A. Collins, 5th & 6th Round picks (CIN)
  19. Trade OC B.J. Peterson, CB P. Buchanan, and CB K. Smith for OLB B. Orakpo, CB D. Hall, and WR D. Thomas (WAS)
  20. Sign CB C. McAlister from Free agent – 4yrs/40 million
  21. Trade CB C. McAlister for 1st round for CB A. Ross, FS K. Phillips, and 4th Round Pick (NYG)
  22. Sign OLB D. Brooks from Free Agent – 2yrs/5.1 million
  23. Sign CB S. Madison from Free Agent – 2 yrs/ 11 million
  24. Overall Rating after Transactions – 78
  25. Sign LT K. Harris from Free Agent 5 yrs/19 million
  26. Sign WR M. Harrison from Free Agent 2 yrs/10.4 million
  27. Sign RB D. Mcallister from Free Agent 2 v/3.14 million
  28. Sign CB M. McKenzie from Free Agent 2 yrs/9.02 million
  29. Sign CB P. Surtain from Free Agent 2 yrs/9.98 million
  30. Release LB D. Bing
  31. Release CB T. Wheatley
  32. Release CB E. King
  33. Release M. Goodson
  34. Sign CB T. Law 2 yrs/10.94 million
  35. Resign DE Q. Groves 7 yrs/9.66 million
  36. Resign DE M. Johnson 7 yrs/17.78 million
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