Metal Gear Solid 4 Walkthrough-The Ultimate Boss Battle Guide

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So the first thing I wanna say is that this was an awesome game and I just wanted to lend all you awesome gamers out there a hand. Please leave comments to let me know if you found the info on the page helpful, this will let me know if I should do more of these pages. Tell all your friends this is the best place for MGS 4: Guns of the Patriots help anywhere on the Internet!!! First off my stats. Don’t forget to check out my full review of Metal Gear Solid 4 here. (Click on any graphic to see the full size image)

  • Total Playing Time-24:34:41
  • Continues-34 (That’s less than 2 continues per hour)
  • Alert Phases-147
  • Kills-580
  • Recovery Items Used-76
  • Weapon Types Procured-36
  • Flashbacks Watched-76
  • Special Items Used-Not Used
  • Current Drebin Points-115,499
  • Favorite Guns-M60 and the M14EBR Automatic Sniper Rifle

So now what you guys are here for. So I know some folks play around and talk to you about the weapons and all that stuff but lets get to what you really want to know first, the boss battles. There are basically six bosses in the game. The first four are members of the BATB squad or Beauty and the Beast if you didn’t know. These four bosses are all females who have suffered such pain and trauma in their life that they have become uncontrollable killing machines. That’s right folks under all that ugliness is really four gorgeous women.

The BATB or Beauty and the Beast Squad


“The BATB Squad”

So first up you will meet Laughing Octopus.

Laughing Octopus


So she may be laughing but trust me there is nothing funny about this Octopus. You will encounter her when you reach Naomi’s lab in S. America right after she finishes examining you and gives you the earth shattering news that not only are you dying but that in a few short months you will become the carrier of a virus that will probably kill an unknown amount of people.

How to beat her: Well you will notice from a previous cut scene that not only does she wear the same octo-camo material that you wear but she also has the ability to take on any form. This battle can get a little crazy as you are trapped in this hut and you are basically running around trying to find her. She won’t really just come out that often. The trick her is to pay very close attention to your surroundings, sometimes she will blend in to the walls and other times she will take on the form of different objects. As you will probably run around the building multiple times, pay close attention to the rooms and as you come back around if you see anything that wasn’t there before, a bucket, a person whatever shoot it. Once you shoot her she will show her real form and then just unload on her. Another quick way to track her is to use the Solid Eye and just look for her heat signature on the map. Once she shows up and you start to unload on her, she doesn’t take to long to put down. Once you drain her life bar there will be a long cut scene as she exposes all the torment inside, then she will take on human form and attempt to hug you. She will walk slowly toward you, she may be pretty but if she grabs you she drains your power, so just shoot her. She will shift a little to avoid but she walks so you can’t miss. I usually just pull out the biggest gun I have and put her down fast, can anyone say grenade launcher or even better anti tank missile.

What you get: You get her mask that is made of the same octo-camo material as your suit and thus makes your camouflage that much more effective.

Next up is Raging Raven.

Raging Raven


Ah Raven, so much pain. You encounter Raven after meeting up with Big Mama (Eva) and going on a wild ride through the streets of Europe in an attempt to keep the body of Big Boss out of Liquid’s hands. After an awesome chase scene, you and the truck with Big Bosses body’ in it goes through the doors of a church. After a cutscene you find your self on the bottom of three level church surrounded by a bunch of flying wings and Raven.

How to beat her: So there are couple of ways to do this but this is what worked for me. I ran all the way up to the top floor. The wings that are flying independently of Raven can attack you too, so if you are not in danger of getting attacked by Raven by all means take them out it doesn’t take much. As for the Raging Raven, well rage is exactly what you don’t want to do. If you try to just shoot at her wildly you will die, so instead you want to use short controlled burst, preferably with my gun of choice the M60 which I developed a love for because it can hold 200 rounds without needing a reload very good for boss battles. Raven only has one major attack, but its a doozy. She is carrying a grenade launcher gun and she is not afraid to use it. When you hear the alert noise run like holy heck. The key here is patience, you have time if you rush it you will fail. Hopefully you have a lot of rations, as when she does fire those cluster bombs of grenades she will inevitably hit you as she destroys the environment around you as well. So the trick here is patience, kill the flying wings when you can, always know where she is, and use short controlled burst don’t just blind fire. Another trick is that if you get low on health, remember that Snake does regenerate pretty fast if his physce is high, so don’t hesitate to duck in the left side of the doorway at top of the highest stairs, its a good hiding spot and as far as I could tell she can’t hit you in that corner. Let your health go back up and then finish her off.

What you get: After you take down the Raven, watch the customary cut scene, and then kill the Beauty Raven who is only human and can be dispatched rather quickly with any number of weapons, just stay back and don’t let her grab you, its not hard at all. For your trouble, you get that grenade gun that for the duration of this battle been the bane of your existence, not a bad trophy if I do say so myself.

You should be getting better at these battles, next up Crying Wolf.

Crying Wolf


Crying Wolf is the third member of the BATB you will meet. If you are not careful this can be a long battle. The battle takes place in a semi-white out. She is accompanied by a set of super soldiers that at the beginning of the battle should be your main priority. Your best bet is to use the Solid Eye NV, to see them and use the M14EBR automatic sniper rifle to take them out, there are some on the ground and some up above you.

How to beat her: After you take out those annoying soldiers, who are there initially and then after you do a certain amount of damage a few more spawn. Once you kill that second set for the most part its you and the Wolf. I did this battle a certain way but I as I think now their are a few ways to do this. Well here an easy trick is to stay near the big truck on the right of where you first start from, its a little ways in front of the fallen tree to the right. This truck is your friend. When things get hairy, crawl under it and you will be safe. So the deal with Crying Wolf is that she can always find you because, yep you guessed it folks she can smell you and so your Camo really won’t do you any good against her. But that’s not all bad. She will do two things, she will either try to shoot you with the rail gun from far away, if she does this, use NV and the sniper rifle to shoot her back and get some damage. You won’t do much but it will get her to charge you and that is what you want her to do, well its what I wanted her to do. You can just lay under the truck and wait for her to come around and then use the sniper rifle to shoot her every time she comes around but that takes time and I don’t have that much patience, but maybe you do. No for me, I stood off to the left of the truck, shoot her when she was far away and then waited for her to charge. If you see her in time, you can shoot her enough that she will fall and slide to the ground, otherwise she will leap on to you and pin you to the ground. If she does that you only have a few seconds to unload on her before she delivers a death blow, so shoot her and she will fall. In both scenarios, once she falls she will be momentarily stunned, this is your chance. As soon as she falls done, switch to the biggest weapon you have and depending on if you have the grenade launcher or even better the portable ATM launcher you can make this a relatively short encounter. So remember stay near the truck, use Solid Eye NV, to see her coming and unload on her from far away. Then stand off the to the left of the truck and wait till she charges and open up on her until she falls, then hit her with the biggest thing you have got. I used a combination of the grenade launcher and the portable ATM to put her down, after I figured it out it only took about 3 encounters with her to finish it. Again, watch the cutscene as she is released from her torment and then put her down quickly once she takes on her Beauty form.

What you get: You know that rail gun she was blasting away at you with, well after the battle Snake picks it up and this gun that uses an electromagnetic pulse to accelerate projectiles is all yours. And boy will you need it.

And finally the forth member of the BATB, Screaming Mantis uhh not quite, first you must finally put to rest the undead abomination that is Vamp.



Vamp, Vamp, Vamp. I know players of the MGS series are asking themselves at this point, didn’t I kill this guy already in NY? I mean could he really be..immortal? Umm, not even close. But what Vamp does have on his side is some very helpful nanomachines that accelerates the healing of his wounds, that is why he didn’t die in NY, and why even though you shot him in the head as he was talking to liquid why he still remains. His nanomachines are working at an ungodly pace to correct whatever damage you inflict on him.

How to beat him: To tell you the truth this is one of the easiest boss battles of the game. Although, this is really a three parter and “you” don’t really beat him. So the first thing you do is use well at least I did, use the M60 to unload on Vamp. Again, you hear me talk about the M60, I hate to reload and this puppy allows me to not have to so often. So use the M60, to totally destroy his life bar which takes a decent amount of bullets but this is by no means difficult. He will flip around from place to place, throw knives at you from time to time and then say “its time to finish this” and charge. No need to panic just shot him till his life bar dies. Battle over and done, not quite. Once you put Vamp done the first time, his life bar regenerates and he gets back up. I know, I know you are like why won’t this guy die already. But there is hope, remember the syringe that Naomi gave you earlier in the game to suppress the nanomachines, equip it. You will hear Vamp say over and over that as long as these nanomachines flow through my body you will never defeat me and he is right. So you just have to stop them from flowing. All you have to do is use CQC on Vamp with you knife equipped as the weapon and the syringe equipped as the item. When he charges at you, dodge him and then use R1+Triangle to grab him from behind. Normally, this would give you the option to slit his throat and you could if you didn’t have the syringe equipped but he would just say he felt nothing and pop right back up. Since you do have the syringe equipped the icon you see is for the syringe, press it. This will inject Vamp with the nanosuppressors and thus make Vamp a mere mortal. Right around this time, suicide Gekko will appear and surround you from all angles. ‘

You seem to be screwed because these Gekko are set to explode when they reach their target, but all is not lost as our friend Raiden aka Jack appears and dispatches all the Gekko in site. A cut scene occurs where Raiden tells you that he and Vamp have a score to settle and after the damage Vamp inflicted on him earlier in the game in S. America you have no choice but to agree. Vamp leaps to the top of Metal Gear Rex and Raiden follows. Vamp suggest that since they are both skilled in CQC using knives then knives should be the weapon of choice. Raiden complies and they engage in battle. At this very moment the game goes split screen: on the left you with the rail gun surrounded by suicide Gekko and on the right a live shot of the the Raiden vs Vamp fight atop Metal Gear Rex. Its an awesome fight sequence but to bad you don’t have time to watch it. Those suicide Gekko are coming and you have to take them out. They will stand off at a distance and hop around more than enough time to take them out. Deal with them in order of importance, the ones closes to you and Rex take care of first while the ones further away can wait. With the rail gun they are pretty easy to deal with, wish I had it the whole game.

You will hear Otacon scream blow their brains out and thats what you need to do. The quickest way to dispatch the Gekko is to deliver a Lv 3 charge from the Rail Gun straight to their head, once shot killer. Don’t be afraid to do this up close because when they explode you are not damaged. So the ones that jump in the circle should be dispatched first, and then from there look around and use the sniper site to kill any you see from far away. During this section, at least one of them will attempt to come from behind and detonate so handle him the same way and listen to Otacon he will tell you if something is behind you. There is no particular special thing to do here except hold off the Gekko long enough for Raiden to kill Vamp, which to me seemed like it took about 4 minutes, could have been longer though. Now is the time to perfect your one shot kill Rail Gun skills though, they will come in handy later on. After you have held them off, a cut scene occurs where you Raiden delivers the death blow to Vamp finally and then Naomi appears once more. She goes off on a long monologue and then after releasing Vamp from his pain she also releases herself. She reveals the fact that she has cancer and that the only thing keeping her alive is nanomachines which she has just suppressed. Another bit of monologue and then she dies. But no time to cry, there are hundreds of Gekko coming and your only chance to get out is, Metal Gear Rex.

And now finally the fourth and final member of the BATB, Screaming Mantis. She is perhaps the most tormented of all these souls.

Screaming Mantis


Screaming Mantis is the leader of the BATB and you learn that she has been controlling the actions of the rest of the BATB squad. Screaming Mantis is a puppeteer and she doesn’t really like to do any of the dirty work herself but then again she doesnt have to. Not only can she control any living being that has nanomachines in them but she can also control dead ones as well.

How to beat her: So first off I want to say that the globe in the middle of the room has nothing to do with it, so don’t waste any time trying to shoot at it. You will kinda of see strings coming from the bodies of Meryl and the rest of the dead bodies, this lets you know that Mantis is controlling them. You don’t want to kill them so either knock them out or just avoid them. If you look carefully, you will even see a few coming from you and if you try to aim at Mantis you will notice that you can’t. You have nanomachines in you and that means she can control you too. The first thing you need to do is equip the syringe and use it on yourself. You will hear Mantis scream loudly. From this point, you can now target her without interference but the effects of the syringe wear off so if you find it hard to target her, simply use it again. The trick here though is that you don’t want to target her, you want to target her dolls. You need both of them to beat her but go for the blue one first because it controls the dead bodies and there are so many of them. The only living person she can control is Meryl. The best weapon in this battle is the Rail Gun, a Lv 3 charge will do some serious damage to her grip on the doll. You dont have to use all Lv 3 burst but when you can put some distance between you and her do so and aim, otherwise just shoot the doll whenever you can. After you do enough damage so that the doll is only holding on by one string, she will pull one of the dead bodies in front of the blue doll and Meryl’s body is front of the orange one. Pay no attention and continue to target the blue doll since Rail Gun doesn’t seem to have a major effect on organic material. At this point try to stay very close to her when you shoot at the doll because when she drops it you need to run and pick it up.

Don’t waste time trying to use it though, you need to get that other doll. The logic behind going after the blue one first was that now all the dead bodies are dead and the only people you have to worry about are Mantis and Meryl which can be easily done. Now target the other doll, since Mantis is a puppeteer and she generally uses others to attack for her she doesn’t have a whole lot of attacks in fact she only has one. She will teleport to your location and try to take a few swipes at you but these can be easily dodged though. By now you have probably seen your screen go black and a fake restart, sorry guys forgot to mention those but they are nuances more than anything and shouldn’t really have any bearing on the fight. As I said before focus on the other doll and attack it until she drops it. Once she drops it, run and grab it before she can pick it back up. Now the fun part. Go to weapons and equip the orange doll. Hold L1 to aim at her and R1 to fire. This isn’t tough and she shouldn’t dodge, once you hit her you will get the prompt to hold L1 and shake the controller all over the place, do it!! This should quickly drain all her life force and she falls down. From her you get the customary cut scene one last time and then she turns into a beauty. By this point in the game, you know what to do. You put her down and now its time to get to that server room and take out GW, well not quite. You will notice that behind you, the suit has retaken its shape and is now floating in front of you and you see your old friend Physco Mantis. This is where the playfulness that you have seen from Kojima and Konami throughout the game come into play one last time. First, Physco Mantis attempts to read your game data off your memory card like before but then notices that their is no memory card and commends you on getting better..hardware that is. Then he tries like before to take control of your controller but then notices their is no port since it is wireless and then in a last ditch attempt he attempts to control your mind before realizing that he has failed miserably and he disappears. It’s not a battle at all but a heck of a funny moment. (Note: I have a regular controller and don’t have the new rumble controller, I don’t know what if anything happens if you do have the rumble controller and happened to have it plugged in during this battle.)

And now this brings us to the final battle with Liquid Ocelot.

Liquid Ocelot


Liquid Ocelot really needs no introduction. Liquid Ocelot was the result of the merger of two beings: the spirit of Liquid Snake and the body of Revolver Ocelot via an arm transplant conducted in Lyon, France, after Ocelot’s arm was cut off by Gray Fox during the events of Shadow Moses.

How to beat him: In this final battle you are atop the highest point of the Outer Haven ship. After a long monologue, where you watch Liquid pretty much beat the crap out of Solid Snake, you finally get to take control and finally finish this. Liquid rips off the coat he is wearing and reveals the arm that was transplanted onto Ocelot’s body and that now gives him control over him. The final battle is a mix of player controlled action and cut scences prompted by player controlled actions. In the final battle against a gorgeous backdrop, there are no guns or crazy powers, no folks its just some really really hardcore CQC.


Once you get control, its you and Liquid with health bars above you and you have to fight it out. It feels kind of like a toned down fight you might see in Tekken. Use the R1 button to do combos, and R1+Triangle to do grabs, throws and takedowns. This final fight has a lot to do with timing, its not really hard but if you don’t focus Liquid will kick your butt a few times. Liquid doesn’t do any major moves you have to watch out for both him and Snake at least in this final battle seem to be evenly matched. The one thing that Liquid does have is this kind of tackle that he uses to knock you down, but he doesn’t use it a lot. Once you get his health level to a certain point, you get an upclose fight scene that looks cinematic but you are controlling it. When this happens and you press R1 you get a very close cinematic fight scene that looks beautiful and you control it. At this point, just remember to time your attacks, use the combos and the grabs to your advantage. If you are near the two poles on the left side of the deck and initiate a grab Snake will smash Liquid’s head into the pole, so some of the grabs are environmentally sensitive. By now you should have the hang of this fight, go ahead and finish Liquid once and for all.

Other Minor Enemies and Tips



Gekko are perhaps the most dangerous of the unmanned enemies that you will face during the game. They are extremely powerful and are very well armored. Most of time if you see them, I would just run and avoid if at all possible its not really worth the damage you will probably incur.

How to beat them: As I said if at all possible for most of the game try to avoid them. If you use the Solid Eye, you will find out that their weak spots are the legs and the head. If you have to engage them early in the game, shot them in the legs right at the joints until they fall down. Then shot them right in the head with as many bullets as you can or with as big a gun as you have before they get up.

Once you beat Crying Wolf, you will get her rail gun and now you have a fighting chance. With the rail gun, you can take them out with one properly aimed Lv 3 charge to their heads, this is by far the most effective and quickest way of dispatching them.

The Codec


The Codec is your best friend. Here is a little hint that you may not know, not only do people call you on the codec but you can call them, well at least Rosemary and Otacon. Make sure that during battles you stop to use the codec, more times than not they will give you valuable information to dispatch your enemies although I may have given you all of them already, but hey at least you know that you can use it.

My Tips

  • Be patient. If you get into a bind where you are taking heavy damage don’t hesitate to find a quite place to hide and let your health regenerate.
  • Find a favorite gun and stuck with it, I suggest the M60 because as I have said a few times earlier it fires 200 hundred rounds without having to reload. I also like the M14EBR automatic sniper rifle for use in a lot of situations.
  • Watch all of the cut scenes in their entirety. This isn’t just a video game, this is the final chapter in the end of an epic saga. The cut scenes give you all the insight and detail that you need to understand everything that is going on especially if you haven’t played some or any of Metal Gear series. Just be patient by watching the cut scenes you will really learn everything you need to know about the story and there are no loose ends.

Well folks thats all i got for now, I came back from Boston on Thursday, started playing it later that day and finished it late last night all in the spirit of getting you folks out there a review and some tips as quick as possible, hope you enjoy it. I am not feeling so well today but I toughed this one out for you guys. Please let me know if you found what you were looking for and if this guide was helpful.

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