Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Boss Battle Guide

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It’s been a long time since I did a walkthrough, the last was for Metal Gear Solid IV: Guns Of The Patriots in fact. I suppose its only fitting that the next installment in the Metal Gear franchise would be my next. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is that game and just like Metal Gear Solid IV, the boss battles are epic. After the epicness wears off though, they can get down right frustrating. No worries though as we’ve already went through all that frustration so you don’t have to. As always, each of these bosses are formidable but they all have weaknesses that once you know, you can exploit them.metal-gear-rising-screenshots-29

LQ-84i (Wolf)


A robot with a learning optical neuro-AI and a prototype verbal interface. He appears in front of Raiden, having been ordered by Desperado to kill him. He talks with Raiden, insisting that he is sentient and does not want to fight him,
but will have his consciousness erased if he goes against his orders. He is an important character who holds the key to the game’s story.

How to beat him: Some people will consider Wolf a boss and some won’t but he does get his own battle and so that makes him a boss to us. Wolf is extremely quick and agile but none the less he’s not immune. With him you’ll just want to counter/parry his attacks and then come back with your own. He’ll send out cyborgs to attack you, use them to pick up extra health by using blade mode to finish them and collect electrolytes, this way you should be able to easily take him down. Watch out for him diving, as you can see he has that chainsaw and he will punish you with it. Wolf doesn’t really block so once you start attacking him you can really do some damage.


New_MGR_Mistral She’s a female cyborg working for Desperado Enforcement and she’s also the only female member of the “Winds of Destruction.” Her name comes from the dry north wind that blows over the Alps to the Mediterranean. Her weapon “Etranger” is flexible like a whip, but can be hardened and used like a halberd.

How to beat her: All in all, Mistral might be the easiest boss you will face. She’s no joke but she is nowhere near as varied in her attacks or powerful as her fellow “Winds Of Destruction” members. So one reason she doesn’t have to be as strong as those other guys is because she is the only one that has a lot of active help, which come in the form of a neverending wave of exploding three-legged robots that will jump on you and explode if you don’t shake them off in time. You will want to block and parry her attacks and then come back with your own combos. You want to watch your health as always and when it gets down to a slightly uncomfortable level, simply start destroying the little robots that are all around. They are key because when you kill them, they drop nanopaste which allows you to quickly heal and get back in the fight. These little guys just keep coming, so they pretty much provide an unlimited refill on your energy. All you need to do is follow the strategy I laid out up front and then remember to use the little guys to keep your energy up.



Works for Desperado Enforcement. Along with Sundowner and Mistral, he is one of the three cyborgs collectively known as the “Winds of Destruction”. His codename refers to seasonal winds that bring rain — particularly in Southeast Asia. He is a master at wielding his magnetic sai, known as “Dystopia”, and is able to break his own body apart.

How to beat him: This was the first point in the game where I got really frustrated. Everytime I went to attack the guy he would just break apart, couldn’t hit him for everything. Beating Monsoon requires patience.  This is the first time you’ll have to take the approach of waiting and let him do what he does. The key to beating Monsoon is that he has a tell, he pauses for just a second before he attacks. So once you have the timing, you can effectively block and counter it. When he throws the smoke, don’t panic, stand still and just watch where he comes and block him. Once you deal enough damage, he’ll jump up on top of pillars and start throwing vehicles (cars and helicopters) at you. Don’t panic, this is actually a good thing. You could run around and avoid them, but that’s no fun and it doesn’t hurt you but it doesn’t help you either. What you want to do is stand still and go into blade mode and just slice those vehicles to pieces as they come flying in. Items will drop from the vehicles you sliced, pick them up for a health boost.

After a while, he’ll start to throw his sai at you from distance, similar to how Scorpion does in Mortal Kombat. Don’t run, just block it. Then his legs will run and attack you, just block those too. Then his torso will float over and attack you as he reassembles, just continue blocking and then counterattacking.  He’ll start to throw more and more vehicles at you, don’t worry about the number, just use blade mode to slice them to pieces.  Eventually, he’ll send this ball of stuff at you, just run from it, it’ll be right on you everytime you turn around but you can completely avoid it if you are quick. After this, just keep repeating the strategies above and you’ll eventually trigger the closing QTE sequence.



The man seen as the virtual leader of Desperado Enforcement. He goes by the codename “”Sundowner”” — a reference to the hot, dry winds of California. He has a special cyborg body superior to that of an average cyborg contractor, and belongs to a group known as feared as the “Winds of Destruction”. He uses a dual-wielding technique and is armed with a large high-frequency machete called “Bloodlust”.

How to beat him: Sundowner is a beast, there’s no doubt about that and can be a handful if you don’t know the right strategy. His shield can not only protect him but will damage you if you don’t hit it in exactly the right spot. After a few tries this proved to be too difficult and time-consuming so if you are having trouble with that here’s an alternative strategy that’s pretty simple. So not only do you have to deal with Sundowner but there’s also a helicopter moving around shooting bullets and rockets at you. Your first instinct might be to shoot it down but don’t because its going to be critical to you winning. Sundowner is powerful, but he’s slow and he’s direct. Most importantly, he’s predictable. So here’s what to do.

When he goes into the shield, he’s won’t do anything special so just walk up to him and go into blade mode and hold it. After a few seconds, he’ll open his shield, as SOON as you see him start to do this, start attacking with your best combos. Get as many hits as you can and then run to the other side of the helipad. He’ll go back into his shield and start walking towards you, just maintain distance. When you do take damage, you can replenish your health by using that pesky helicopter that been flying around the hold time. When it shoots the missles at you, got into blade mode and slice those bad boys to pieces. If you slice them cleanly, they’ll drop nanopaste. Using this strategy, you have a way to gather pretty much unlimited health and as long as you get a lot of distance between you and Sundowner, you don’t have to worry about him attacking you. I usually tried to keep about 5 nanopaste in my inventory at any time against him. Just rinse and repeat the two strategies above and Sundowner will be out for the count in no time.

Samuel Rodrigues (Jetstream Sam)


A mysterious cyborg employed by the PMC known as “Desperado Enforcement.” He is a master swordsman who wields a high-frequency blade similar to Raiden’s, fighting with a Brazilian technique influenced by the Japanese “New Shadow School” of swordsmanship. When he faces Raiden in battle, he sees through his technique, commenting that Raiden was “denying his weapon of its purpose.”

How to beat him: It took me quite a bit of time to get the hang of this one, Sam is fast and extremely aggressive. Your block and counter skills will be crucial in this fight. There are crates scattered around the map, they have items in them, so make sure to destroy them if there is one near by as the battle moves around. The fight starts in the desert area, but I suggest you take the fight out into the road, it should help focus on him when he attacks. I found the contrast between Sam and the desert made it difficult to get quick awareness of where he was. Once you do some decent damage to him, as you are in Blade mode, you’ll be able to slice at this arm and knock his sword out of his hand. Then he’ll start attacking you more, remember just keep blocking and parrying. With Sam I suggest using more light combos, because if you have a unique weapon equipped and do a combo with a heavy attack its slower and its harder to catch him with a full combo. Key things against Sam are to keep the battle in the road where you can see him better, when he jumps and attacks always be ready to block, it’s an opportunity to get a lot of solid blows on him.

Metal Gear Excelsus


It wouldn’t be Metal Gear without a huge Metal Gear boss battle and this one is no exception. Excelsus is huge on an epic scale. It has quite a few tricks up its sleeve and will take quite a few tactics to beat.

How to beat it: So as a Metal Gear, Excelsus is extremely strong and has a varied array of moves. It isn’t very fast though and you usually have a fair amount of warning before it attacks. The first attack it does is bring down these huge arms in pairs, they literally coming smashing down leaving a little gap in between. I experimented with attempting to use Ninja run and slide to avoid the arms but that didn’t work well. So I finally decided to just block when the arms dropped, you’ll take damage but you can survive. Once the arms are on the ground, begin attacking like crazy. The next move you will see from him is when he drops the arms down and then slides them across the ground in front of him. There are two strategies here, you either jump over the arms or block, in this instance I actually preferred to jump over them and not take the damage, though if you have trouble with timing then you block them.

After that, it will start bringing down each arm one at a time, don’t try to avoid it, just block. Once you’ve done enough damage, he will move the Metal Gear’s leg up toward you. As soon as you can get close enough start attacking the leg. He will then begin to raise the leg up and attempt to stomp you. At this point, you again have two choices, you can continue blocking or you ninja run and then slide out of the way at the last second. In this case, I choose to ninja run and slide but it takes some time to get the timing down so you if you want to continue blocking then go right ahead. Once he stops stomping and plans that foot again, start attacking it like crazy again. He’ll slide it across the ground, avoid or block it if you are quick enough. Continue attacking the foot and soon you’ll trigger a zan-datsu moment, which will allow you to deliver the final blows on that leg so go free blade mode and slice that baby to pieces. You’ll flip around and then run up the leg and do the same thing again to slice that leg completely off.

The Metal Gear will collapse in front you so immediately runs towards the head and start attacking with everything you’ve got. When it stands back up, look out because some Gekkos will jump out. At this point, he’ll start to shoot lasers at you, which seems cruel since you also have to fight the Gekkos but if you can blade mode them when they are damaged and cut them in the right spot you can pick up health. I’ll admit I found this difficult and only lucked into grabbing one out of two. Focus on avoiding the lasers though, the Gekkos will hurt you with their kicks, the laser can kill you quickly if you forget about it. At this point, he goes back to trying to crush you by smashing down the arms in tandem and one at a time, just handle that like you did before. At this point, you won’t see anything new, just a combination of what you’ve already seen. He’ll move the other leg and do the same thing you did on the other side to destroy it. From here it all becomes about timing and a little bit of luck to survive. Once you get to the point where you are slicing this leg to pieces, get ready because when you jump away this time you will go into the final QTE so be ready. Hit the right buttons and this point and Excelsus is going down hard for the count.

And then..

Senator Steven Armstrong


So at this point you are feeling really good about yourself right? You won’t have long to savior your victory though as the guy who just driving that Metal Gear decides that its time to deal with you face to face. At first you are thinking, this guys a politician and I’m Raiden, he doesn’t have a chance. That’s where you would be wrong my friends, because Steven Armstrong is not just a politician and he’s no normal man. At this point, Armstrong will jump out of the Metal Gear and then proceed to wipe the floor with you, I’m talking major beatdown. Did I mention he actually throws you into the air and then punts you like a football…no seriously. So at this point you are in shock, wondering what in the hell is this guy on. And then you fight. The trick here is to try and stay away from him, he’s EXTREMELY strong and if he hits you or grabs you, he’s doing serious damage.

Armstrong is like none of the other bosses you have faced so far. Hit him when you can block his punches and we he starts to glow yellow, run because he’s about to give off an energy burst. Keeping doing damage and blocking until you get to the cutscene, you’ll know the one because he actually grabs and stops Raiden’s blade with his bare freaking hands. Yep, you are screwed. Not quite. At this point, a cutscene triggers and Raiden actually gets pretty righteous his self and gets some licks in. Now is the classic final boss battle Metal Gear moment, Armstrong decides he’s going to tell you the truth and goes into his “I Have A Dream” speech. Trust us, its nothing like Dr. King’s and as you listen to this rant, you realize just how nuts he is. After the speech its time to fight again and the same tactics apply. After a while, a QTE will trigger and Raiden really does some damage. You actually start to think you are making some headway and then he goes all extra beast mode on you and you discover why he’s so freaking powerful. At this point, he’s going to beat the crap out of you and you will just have to stand by and watch.

Just when Armstrong is about to finish you off, your old friend Bladewolf appears and brings you a very special gift from an “old friend”. Is it enough to beat Armstrong…maybe? Bladewolf pays a big price for helping you though. So at this point, you’ve got this help and you are thinking that you are just going to dominate Armstrong, that the tide of battle has been swayed. You aren’t even close, the extra help you now have just gives you a puncher’s chance. At this late stage in the battle, Armstrong starts pulling out all kind of new tricks. He’ll punch the ground and send the ground exploding directly at you, you can jump away from these or just outrun them but be careful because sometimes he does it in quick succession. He’ll also punch the ground and send cracks through it that while then explode where the cracks are, just say inside of the cracks to avoid damage. This move is also followed immediately by him charging you so be prepared to block. This whole battle is about getting shots on him when you can and trying to not take too much damage in the meantime. I’m not going to lie, this one is tough, extremely tough, to the point you might want to throw your controller. Once you’ve gotten his health down to under 160% or so he’ll jump away and start throwing huge chunks of stuff at you. This is one of those harm/health moments, if you can properly slice the objects you will get health, if you miss and don’t slice them properly, you’ll die. Once you do it right you slice throw it and the senator will then lunge at you and you’ll need to slice him too. At this point, you’ll start to battle again, make sure you pick up those health packs that are now lying around, those will give you the edge to finally take him down. Maybe.

It’s about this time that his health should be only slightly higher than yours and then he shows you another of his abilities. He starts freaking regenerate energy and you are thinking what more can you do. At this point you should have quite a few health packs stored up so you have to keep battling. Don’t try to hit him while he’s regenerating though, just what for him to stop glowing green and then attack. One of the keys to this battle is that he does two different kinds of charge attacks but one you can attack him through and actually cancel while dealing some major damage then triggering a cutscene where you can do even more damage. Once you a little more damage, he’ll jump back up and throw more junk at you, just do the same thing as before. At this point you should be up about 3 or 4 health packs and victory is in sight.

Once you start to fight again this time, just continue to do the same things from before, so when he starts to regenerate again, just stand back and wait. Once he is done, go back and start attacking again. Remember to look for that charging attack that you can attack through, you can deal some serious damage when he does that. At this point, you’ll see the same sequences and when he glows yellow and lungs at you, block to trigger the QTE. The rest of the fight is the same thing you’ve done before so just keeping doing what got you to this point and when you’ve almost got his health gone, he’ll jump back up one final time and toss junk at you. Once you’ve survived that last big onslaught you are pretty much home free. His health should be almost gone and should actually have a health pack or two left depending on how well you’ve blocked and avoided his attacks. He’ll start to do some final attacks that will trigger zan-datsu moments, go free blade on him to kick off the final fight sequence. At this point, get ready for the QTE’s and if you get those right, this battle is finally over. Armstrong will go into his final monologue and Raiden will finally put him out of his misery, quite gruesomely I might add.

Whew, that was tough folks but you’ve finally done it, you’ve finally taken out all the bosses in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and we hope we’ve helped you in achieving that goal just a little bit. Sit back and enjoy this one, savior it, rest your now cramped hands. Congratulations!!

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