About Us

ZoKnowsGaming because he was tired of reading what some of the bigger gaming sites were writing. He felt like there had to be a different point of view and he felt like he was the person that could deliver it. Lorenzo holds a B.S. degree in Management Information Sciences from Claflin University. In his day job he is an IT Specialist that evaluates, prototypes and designs new technical solutions covering a wide array of topics including information security, SOA,  and Application and Desktop Virtualization just to name a few.

Today, ZoKnowsGaming is rapidly expanding the quantity and variety of content that it provides. His goal for the site is to provide readers with the very best in PS3 gaming news, reviews, trailers, and original articles.  On ZoKnowsGaming you will always hear the real deal; around here we tell it like it is no matter what. We understand that games aren’t cheap and one of the worst feelings in the world is to read a review somewhere that said a game was good and you go spend your money and then it’s not. You won’t get that around here, but on the same token we won’t pan a game just because everyone else does. We believe that every game needs to be judged independently and on its own merits.