Maxnomic vs DXRacer: Which Gaming Chair Is Better?

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Aaaarrgh, stretch and crack!! Is that how you sound after sitting for long hours playing videogames? If you are an avid gamer, then you know how important a nice gaming chair is, more so, you know how important they are to your health. In this article, we compare two major gaming chair brands, Maxnomic and DXRacer in order to determine which one offers the better and more immersive experience to gamers internationally.

Should you choose DXRacer of Maxnomic?Maxnomic

This special gaming chair is made by NeedForSeat, an Ohio based company that also sells other gaming products like clothes.

The chair comes in four different categories, namely: ·

  • Casual Sport
  • Office-Comfort
  • Pro Gaming and Office
  • XL Series

Besides the four categories, they also offer special edition and OSU edition chairs. With such a wide range in offer, they try to provide seats that will meet each and every customer’s needs.


Of the two brands, DXRacer is considered more popular in the market and is also made by a US-based company, situated in Michigan with operations in California as well.

Some of their products include gaming desks, office chairs, backpacks, accessories etc.

DXRacer gaming chairs are divided into five major categories:

  1. Formula series
  2. Racing series
  3. King series
  4. Sentinel series
  5. Tank series

The company also does special edition chairs tailored in promotion of certain games and events.

Breakdown and Comparison

Your choice of a gaming chair should not be pegged on what the majority are using but to your unique needs. Some of the guidelines to consider while buying a gaming chair are:

  • Price
  • Comfort
  • Accessories
  • Variety

Let’s now take step by step look into each of the above in regards to the two gaming chairs.


As far as pricing, the price difference is minimal with DXRacer selling at $599 on the higher side and $589 for Maxnomic. The difference in the two comes into play when looking into the entry level chairs for each brand. DXRacer’s entry level chairs come in at $239 while Maxnomic’s starting price is $329. That $90 difference is definitely something you want to consider.


It is a hard task in making decisions on which of the two offers the most in comfort since it is the primary goal of both brands. Both offer a wide range of ergonomically designed seats to deliver the best in comfort to their customers and the chairs come with both neck and lumber support to give every body part the right level of support. The biggest difference of the two is that Maxnomic offers an adjustable lumber support unlike the DXRacer.


When it gets to customization of your gaming chair, the two brand offer top-notch services, they even allow for your name to be embroidered on the chairs’ headrest.

The features and accessories that can be added to a given chair is what sets it apart from the other. Maxnomic provides their special SeatQuake system which can be attached to the chair to give a better and more comfortable gaming experience. DXRacer on the other hand seems to offers better versatility. It provides for places to add mouse pads or footrests that can be attached to given models for more convenient gaming experience.


Both brands offer quality comfort and accessibility in their own specific way. But when it comes to variety, DXRacer wins by providing the customer with 5 different categories to choose from while Maxnomic only provides four categories to choose from. Besides the five categories, DXRacer gives the customer a choice of special editions. Moreover, accessories can be added to DXracer gaming chairs such as footrests and mouse pads giving a wide range of options to choose from.


With all that each gaming chair offers, it is difficult to tell which gaming chair is better. They both roughly have the same type of chair models, similarity in pricing and quality. Still there are unique features that make each brand stand apart from the other. If you are budget conscious, you will want to go for DXRacer while those that want to indulge themselves in deeper gaming experience will go for Maxnomic.

However, DXRacer has some slight advantages in two categories, that is, their pricing for chairs start slightly lower as compared to Maxonomic’s and they have slightly more in the variety of edition chairs. This gives them an edge when it comes to attracting those that prefer their special edition chairs. This makes DXRacer the more appealing of the two all things considered in our opinion.

As always, it comes down to a variety of factors to determine what’s best for you. Let us know in the comments which brand you prefer.

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