Is More RAM Really Better for Gaming?

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There is a widely held old belief that more RAM is better for smoother running of your computer. How true is this?Generally, more RAM is a good thing but does having more of it significantly improve your gaming experience or is it just a myth?

In this article, I’m gonna give you answer on how much ram for gaming.

How I Conducted The Tests

RAM is a temporary type of memory which the computer’s processor stores data and cache for programs so that when reopening those programs, they will load instantly. If the RAM is less than what your favourite game requires, the game will not run or may run really slow.

As I love gaming, I did a test on a number of PC games to see their performance. I did a test in the game called Civilization V, which is a strategy game that runs on Microsoft Windows, Linux and Macintosh operating systems. The game has a lot of background calculations which means it requires more RAM to operate but it ran smoothly on 8GB of RAM. Running the game on 16GB and 32GB did not significantly improve overall performance.

You may have noticed that in the requirements of most recent PC games, minimum RAM needed is 8GB. I did a test with a common Superior PC game that you may have had an experience with, Grand Theft Auto. The game requires  8GB of RAM. I ran it together with Google Chrome browser running in the background which uses RAM heavily. It ran smoothly with good graphics and minor lag and when I ran it on a RAM of 16 GB, again there was not much difference.

Therefore, a minimum 8GB of RAM is generally good enough to game on your PC and even run applications in the background comfortably. This is of course something that can vary from game to game though. If  you are currently experiencing subpar graphics on your PC games, let’s take a moment to talk about why RAM is so important.

Research in computer systems show that RAM helps in ensuring that the computer as a whole runs smoothly rather than the game itself. To get to the bottom of this, I decided to do research with another basic feature that determines performance of a PC game, the video card.

To test, I ran Grand Theft Auto using a 1GB video card and with the recommended 8GB RAM memory. The gameplay was horrible, with poor graphics and some scenes loaded very slow. I ran the same game with a 2GB video card and the results were very different. The graphics improved and the gameplay was smooth.


8GB of RAM is good enough to game on PC in most general cases and run other computer programs with no problems and upgrading to 16GB RAM won’t really make a difference. Now once we start talking about live streaming games, that’s a whole other story and a RAM upgrade will probably be warranted.

What you should really invest in as far as PC gaming is the video card, which will improve graphics of your game and performance. The memory should be at least twice the size of your video card and with a 2GB or 4GB video card and 8GB RAM, you are good to go.

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