2K Releases WWE SuperCard, Like Ultimate Team For Wrestling

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zoknowsgaming-wwesupercard2K has released the larger-than-life, action-packed WWE SuperCard, a brand new collectible card game for mobile devices. WWE SuperCard is available now for download on the App Store for iOS devices, including the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, as well as the Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore for Android devices. Let me just say I’m thoroughly addicted to this game and I blame @maddenbible. Lol.

WWE SuperCard challenges players to build teams of WWE Superstars, Divas and Legends, train them to their full potential, battle in various match types and test their luck in high stakes tournament action. Featuring more than 400 cards in active play, with each card representing one of seven different rarity levels, WWE SuperCard delivers an extensive array of collectible content with high replay value. In addition, WWE SuperCard enables players to enhance their experience through the purchase of individual card packs. The great thing to note about  the fact that you can buy packs is the fact that you don’t have to in order to be successful, you can just play through and as long as you understand the basic logic of the game you can be very competitive. But for those of you who don’t mind spending money, feel free to go right ahead.

Here’s a couple of pro tips:

  • To win a match, you only need to win 2 out of 3 matches so don’t hold back, get a win where you think you can.
  • Remember to activate your support cards to increase your odds of victory.
  • Pay attention to whether the arrows of your guys are going left and right or up and down. This gives you a boost if you pair a left and right or and up and down in tag team matches.  If you can’t do that, pair two of the same direction and that way you won’t take a hit for incompatibility. The worst thing you can do in a tag match is pair and up or down with a left or right since you will take a ratings hit.

Key features of WWE SuperCard include:

  • MASSIVE WWE ROSTER – Players collect their favorite WWE Superstars, Divas, Legends and more while building their rosters to compete online in multiple game modes and match types;
  • FAST-PACED ACTION – Players will take individual Superstars, tag teams or five-person teams online against other players to test their skills, while winning matches enables new cards to join their rosters;
  • CUSTOMIZABLE TEAMS – Players will discover cards of different rarities and use them to assemble the ultimate WWE roster. Training and combining cards upgrades the cards’ levels and unlocks their full potential;
  • KING OF THE RING – Players will put their teams to the ultimate test by playing through full seasons. High levels of participation will result in higher rankings and bigger rewards;
  • EXPANDING UNIVERSE – The WWE SuperCard universe will continually expand with roster updates, enabling players to routinely discover new cards.

For any real WWE fan, this is a must download!!

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