Watch Dogs Breaks Record For Pre-Orders Of A New Ubisoft IP

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watch-dogs-mar-2014-6Ubisoft has shared news that pre-order numbers for Watch Dogs has surpassed any new IP in Ubisoft’s history and also the second biggest pre-order all together. Watch Dogs which was revealed at E3 2012 and was delayed ¬†through Holiday 2013 so the team could polish it up more has gone gold and is finally ready for its May 27, 2014 release.

Tony Key vice president of sales and marketing for Ubisoft has this to say,

These strong pre-orders are a clear indication of players anticipation and excitement for Watch Dogs. The teams have worked tirelessly to ensure that players will enjoy a top quality game with enormous scope, and we cant wait to get the game into their hands.

Bob Puzon, senior vice president of Merchandising at GameStop had this to say ,

There is massive buzz in all of our stores around Watch Dogs. We have received, Watch Dogs is the highest pre-ordered next-gen title to date and most pre-ordered new IP of the year.

Customers still have time to purchase the Watch Dogs Season Pass, giving players access to a unique single-player story featuring T-Bone, the brilliant but eccentric hacker; a new Digital Trip game mode, Conspiracy!; an exclusive Untouchables Pack; plus new missions, weapons, outfits and more. At $19.99, the Season Pass will be available on PlayStation 4 system, PlayStation 3 system, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Windows PC.

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