Microsoft To Release Windows 9, “Threshold”, In April 2015 … Too Soon?

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Even though Microsoft released Windows 8 back in 2012, it seems as if it was just released. And for those who share those sentiments, rumors of a new OS may seem a bit too soon. However, the timeline sort of fits into Microsoft’s past releases, and we may know for sure at this upcoming BUILD 2014 developer conference.

According to multiple reports, while many believed Microsoft was releasing “Threshold” as an update to Windows 8, it is now assumed that the codename refers to the company’s next major Windows version, which will be called Windows 9. Additionally, the report also states Microsoft is targeting April 2015 as the release window for Windows 9.

Though this could be perceived as too soon, just like Windows 7 did for Vista, many can’t wait for Windows 9 to repair and replace the problems of Windows 8. Hopefully, this will all be confirmed by Microsoft in April at BUILD 2014.



Via [WinSuperSite]

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