Kingdoms Of Amalur Auction Failed?

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I have no idea how the Kingdoms of Amalur auction failed during the selling of 38 Studios assets. Kingdoms of Amalur is one of the greatest games ever created! Sure it’s a little bit more linear than Skyrim but it’s still just as big and incredible. The content in Kingdoms of Amalur is practically never-ending.

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It wasn’t that nobody made any offers during the Kingdoms of Amalur auction, it was that they weren’t good enough offers. I can understand that. I’d have a hard time giving the assets away for Kingdoms of Amalur at a small price myself. However, the company did go bankrupt. I’m surprised they could turn any offer down. Negotiations are continuing. Curt Shilling thinks of Kingdoms of Amalur as a billion dollar franchise. I can’t help but agree. The quality of KoA is incredible. It is truly deep and the detail that was put into the game is like a promise from the heart. I can tell that nothing but love went into the game.

What did sell during the 38 Studios auction were the assets to the Rise of Legends and Rise of Nations games along with the trademark for Big Huge Games. I’m always heartbroken to continue to see such a beautiful game continue to be part of such a dramatic problem. It deserves better and so do the people of Rhode Island of course.

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