Grand Theft Auto Online Capture Modes Coming Tomorrow

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Grand Theft Auto Online CTF Modes are on the way! CTF stands for Capture The Flag for you weirdos out there. It’s okay, we all learn some time. This is one of my favorite game modes in multiplayer games! Unfortunately I still haven’t played GTA V yet.


The Grand Theft Auto Online CTF modes are known in-game as Capture and will be rocking out four different styles of capture the flag:

  • In Raid your goal is to make your way into your opponents base and steal their package (full of drugs or money, who knows?) and return it to your own base. The first team to meet the score goal wins.
  • In Hold each team will be able to steal each others packages from each others bases but also find them randomly in the map. Whoever holds the most packages at the end of the round wins.
  • In GTA the goal is to beat the opposite team to the marked vehicle and return it to your base. (That sounds like the best kind of hectic driving action.)
  • Finally, Contend offers the most basic of CTF modes, one package shows up on the map, the first team to get it and return it to their base scores while a new package will spawn upon capture. Similar to Raid except you don’t have to enter your enemies base to get the package.

The same update bringing players the Grand Theft Auto Online CTF modes also has some bug fixes and tweaks. More info can be found on the support page.

The Grand Theft Auto Online CTF modes sound like they will be ridiculously fun to me. Will you be playing?

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