DayZ Early Access Now On Steam [TRAILER]

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DayZ Early Access is available on Steam! DayZ is the story of your survival. Shoot, stab, and chop your way through the plagued world of the undead. Will you survive? Or will you give in to the madness, put that muzzle to your head and give yourself the peace of mind you wish for? Join your lost loved ones in a place beyond this life or battle for hope and a brighter future for the living. Welcome to DayZ Early Access.

dayz early access

DayZ Early Access features:

  • Meet up to forty different survivors per server.
  • Your profile data will be the same across every server.
  • Crafting system that relies on the use of very hard to find items and tools.
  • Customize your guns, melee weapons, and even your clothes after scavenging the desolate earth.

More features such as vehicles, wildlife, player created buildings and more are also already in the works. The developers of DayZ are very clear about the game and that it is a work in progress. Joining the 88,000 other players that bought into DayZ Early Access within twelve hours puts you in a special place to help it become an even better game. They advise all players that are interested to avoid purchasing the game unless you understand that there will be bugs and the Early Access is for you to help them work out the kinks and offer a chance at perfection for the game with your feedback.

Visit the official website or Steam for more info.

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