GTA Online Deathmatch And Race Creators Available Now!

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Are you ready to create some content in GTA V? The GTA Online Deathmatch and Race creators are available now in Beta! All you need to do to access the new content creator is update your Grand Theft Auto V game with the newest patch. In order to access your new content creator, bring up the pause menu and go to the Creator tab. There will be a tutorial you can check out which Rockstar highly recommends doing.

GTA Online Deathmatch and Race creators  b

Control your Deathmatches. You will be able to set up variants of team-based or Free-For-All modes. You have full control over Trigger Points, Team Start Points, and Spawn Points. You will also be able to select which guns and vehicles you want usable in your matches. Finally you can control the layout of the stage with props like ramps and containers.

Control your Races. You will need to create your first race on Land with the tutorial before you can move on to the advanced creations of Sea and Air Races. You’ll get to choose from the different race types, Race, GTA Race, and Rally Race and the Route Types (lap or point to point) along with how many players can join in. (Who wouldn’t go with max?) You’ll also get to control the grid size and vehicle classes available in your races. Take players on an easy track to see who the best driver is, or create a hectic no-holds-barred track with your pick of obstacles, stunt jumps, and custom camera angles to see which driver can handle the craziest track thrown at them. Of course you can mix it up all you want.

GTA Online Deathmatch and Race creators

My favorite feature of the GTA Online Deathmatch and Race creators is that after you have created your content you will be able to test it against AI before putting it out in the public, allowing you to edit and fix up areas that didn’t work out quite right. This has a second perk – it should keep you from entering too many other players creations that are totally broken and frustrating. Created content that has been published for the public can be seen on Rockstar’s Social Club website. Rockstar will also pick out their favorites and show them off as “Rockstar Verified”.

The GTAV 1.07 patch didn’t just add the GTA Online Deathmatch and Race creators Beta but also offered lots of new fixes for the story mode and GTA Online. Full Patch Notes.

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