Payday 2 Gage Weapon Pack #1 DLC Out Now For PC

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payday-2-screenshots-3For everyone who plays PAYDAY 2 on the PC a new weapons pack is available now on Steam.  Here is what you get.

  • Frag Grenade – A special gift from Gage the arms dealer. Frag grenades are now added to the player’s inventory. For those who always wondered how it feels to rob banks with hand grenades, this is their chance. In most heists, the grenade case mission asset allows players to replenish grenades as well as share them with the crew.
  • Single-Fire and Auto-Fire Modifications – Players are now able to toggle single and auto fire with their weapons. This DLC unlocks new mods that let gamers permanently change a weapon’s fire from single to auto fire with added stat bonuses. Yes, we’re looking at you, head-shot enthusiasts!
  • Three New Weapons – Personal Favorites of Gage the Arms Dealer – For anyone who wonders what a proper law enforcer pistol feels like, the Signature .40 pistol is the one to choose. Those who enjoy full-on assaults will love the Eagle Heavy rifle that dishes out big amounts of damage. Finally, there is the SpecOps submachine gun, a great hybrid between a primary and secondary weapon. All three guns have their own unique weapon modifications which offer plenty of customization.
  • Weapon Slots Increased from 18 to 72 – Players are now able to not only switch fire modes but also stack a private army’s worth of weapons, right in their own personal inventory.
  • Four New Animal Masks, Patterns and Materials – Not only does Gage the arms dealer have strange taste in masks, he likes them as accessories as well. Four new masks are added to the game, themed around popular animals and named after action heroes. The materials and patterns are themed around everything from digital camouflage and action movie patterns to oily metal, galvanized steel and fur.
  • 10 New Unlockable Achievements – Players will have 10 new weapon oriented achievements to unlock.
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