Xbox One HDD Is Replaceable At Your Own Risk

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Have you been wanting to replace your Xbox One HDD for a bigger one? A 500GB Xbox One HDD isn’t small, but it’s certainly not enough for any hardcore gamer that wants to have access to all of their games without having to uninstall and reinstall their other games first. Gamer, Brian Williams has made a video walkthrough on how to do it replace the Xbox One HDD with your own.

xbox one hdd replaced

Replacing the Xbox One HDD isn’t recommended since you’ll lose your warranty, but some people don’t mind that at all. Brian Williams reported a very slight increase in loading times (which is different than PlayStation 4 users reporting vast improvements after replacing its HDD), but having enough HDD space to hold more than five games is always a good thing.

Another gamer that goes by “Juvenal1” has figured out a workaround for getting the Xbox One to recognize HDDs larger than 500GB. These solutions combined can get you the customization you might want. But you can hold off for Microsoft to implement an update that offers external HDD support. It is coming.

If you’re impatient and don’t want to wait for Microsoft to patch in the support of external HDDs for the Xbox One you can have a look at this video walkthrough that explains how to format your Xbox One HDD.

I’d rather wait for official support. What about you?

Via: Engadget

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