Grand Theft Auto Online Content Creator Footage Leaked

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The Grand Theft Auto Online content creator has experienced some leakage in the form of video content. Grand Theft Auto V players and fans can get a peek at what to expect with the content creator. Unfortunately there isn’t much to look at but it’s some extra confirmation for you that the content creator is indeed on the way.

A few features of the Grand Theft Auto Online content creator listed in the video include editing or creating: grand theft auto online content creator

  • Weapons
  • Vehicles
  • Props
  • Spawn Points

That’s just a tease too. Apparently this is an “early” version of Grand Theft Auto Online’s content creator as it only has the option to mess around with Races and Deathmatches according to the person who recorded this footage. There is a note that the content creator can’t work inside of buildings or underground.

Unfortunately we still don’t have any official release date for the content creator but the leaked footage might calm some fans down of wondering it it will ever be released.

Are you excited to create some content in Grand Theft Auto Online?

Via: Joystiq

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