Steam User Reviews Get An Upgrade

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The Steam user review system just got a nice upgrade and it’s only the beginning since they’re calling this a “Beta”. The first thing you might notice is the new rating system that allows you to either vote “Yes this user review was helpful” or “No it wasn’t helpful”. That seems a little silly to me. I’d rather just vote it up if I like it, and have no vote down option. Voting user reviews down just seems like open season for trolls to me. Some people do post some pretty ridiculous reviews but I still don’t see any reason to thumb them down.

steam user review

One cool thing is that now everybody can see your user reviews if you want. If you had user reviews already on Steam you might want to go change them to “public” since the previous default was “friends only”.

The new Steam user review system also allows you to track down some of your favorite reviewers. If you like a specific users reviews, you can search for more by them. One of my Steam friends writes some absolutely impressive reviews and made me a follower of his blog.

Here are some more features of the new Steam user review system:

  • Write your review on different software available on the platform.
  • Write reviews for games you do not own on Steam but have played using the client.
  • Choose which language you want your reviews to be in.
  • Report spam or abusive reviews.

At this time Steam user reviews do not create a game’s overall rating score but they do plan to implement that in the future. Valve is accepting feedback from all users on the Steam Discussion forum.

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