Batman: Arkham Origins Multiplayer Update For PC

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Have you been playing Batman: Arkham Origins multiplayer? It’s pretty awesome aside from the terrible loading screens and a couple of frustrating bugs. We have some good news for you! Splash Damage has just implemented a multiplayer update on the PC platform that addresses the long loading screens and the black screens players have been encountering. Character progression should also be fixed and you should keep the credits and levels you have earned now.

Here are the patch notes:batman arkham origins side

  • Fixed players occasionally losing progression.
  • Fixed some clients experiencing black screen on map load.
  • Fixed long loading times on map loading screen due to being disconnected from Steam.
  • Fixed Arkham Credits occasionally not being awarded on match completion.
  • Fixed multiplayer executable not being added to Firewall exceptions during installation.

Splash Damage will continue their support of the game. One super cool tidbit is that they are also working on adding voice chat for the multiplayer!

SourceSplash Damage Forums ViaTwitter

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