Ultra Street Fighter IV – Ultra Double Combo & More! [VIDEO]

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An update has been posted by Capcom about the new battle system in Ultra Street Fighter IV. Ultra Combos just got doubled up with the Ultra Double Combo giving players new variety with their Ultra moves!

ultra street fighter ivYou will still be able to choose between using your Ultra I and Ultra II moves with the new option to use the Ultra Double Combo. Of course there is a catch. Using the Ultra Double Combo will make the Ultras do less damage than they normally do (this is still undecided and may be changed depending on player feedback). “Having both Ultras available will give you new ways to press your opponent, limit their options, and expand your fighting strategies.”

On top of the new combo system is the new Focus enhancement, the Red Focus attack. It uses up your Super Meter, but can absorb attacks. You will glow a dark red while using it. The Red Focus attack can be cancelled just like the regular version.

The combination of these two new battle modes is intended to double up both your offensive, and your defensive abilities, adding more strategy to your playstyles.

Finally, unblockables have been completely removed! Even better news is the fact that a lot of these changes may still be changed by player feedback, so let the team know what you think!

That’s not all! Check out the new video talking about Location Tests & Battle Mechanics showing off the new Ultra Double Combo and Red Focus attack.

More details can be found at Capcom Unity.

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