Titans Will Fall On March 11th, 2014

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Titanfall is the game that will probably lead to the next generation of “clones” in the first-person shooter genre. Giant robots that protect you, that you control from the inside, and even passive-remotely from the outside. Infantry with incredible ninja-like parkour skills and jet-pack enabled double-jumping. With its “never stop moving” action, how can Titanfall not be the future of shooters?

titanfall collectors editione

March 11th is the day. The day that all shooters will bow down to the Titan. I’m not saying anything bad about the other shooters. They will be great. But Titanfall is the one that will change everything for the genre.

You can pre-order Titanfall for Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC right now. For those of you that have some extra change laying around, there is a titanic Collector’s Edition that includes the following:

  • A beautifully hand-crafted 18″ statue that lights up.
  • A hardcover art-book with over 190 pages of concept art.
  • Schematic poster of the Atlas titan.

Will you be playing Titanfall in March? If so, which platform will you be playing it on?

Check out the newest trailer showing off some of the reactions gamers gave to being the “First To Fall” players that got a taste of the Titanfall. “It’s going to be a game changer.”

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