Ubisoft’s Disappointing Delays! The Crew & Watch Dogs

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So first came news of Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs being delayed until Spring of 2014. That was devastating to me! This is one of very few games that I truly look forward to. Ubisoft says the delay is to improve the quality of the product. The developer said they want to “polish and fine tune” the game before release and for what its worth I believe them. We are heading into the next generation of consoles and gaming after all so I understood that. With that said it’s still extremely disappointing news.


But then… then  came the follow-up news of The Crew being delayed!!! And I’m sitting in my chair screaming in my head, “Nooooo”. What I did think was funny was that our own Lorenzo of ZoKnowsGaming had just posted a status message on Facebook literally a few hours before these announcements saying how he didn’t understand why so many AAA games were coming out at the same time, and how that forces people to choose one over the other. Look at what you’ve done Zo! Just look at what you’ve done!!! I’m quite a bit less disappointed in the delay of The Crew since I believe that was originally going to come out next year anyways, wasn’t it? Well nevertheless, this sucks!

Kotaku had their own question about the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One bundles that include Watch Dogs and were wondering what would happen with that. I would think it’d be obvious that those people would still get their games, just not with the launch of the systems, right? What’s the big deal?

Watch Dogs is now expected to come out in Spring of 2014 while The Crew has been pushed to the Summer of 2014. It definitely gives me a little more time to get the money for both!

Are you disappointed? Are you upset about your Xbox One or PlayStation 4 launch bundles? Let us know!

Source: Ubisoft Blog and Ubisoft

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