The Wolf Among Us Release Date Announced For The Xbox 360 And PC

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Telltale Games has finally announced the release date for The Wolf Among Us for the Xbox 360 and PC. On October 11th, Xbox 360 and PC gamers will be able to get their hands on the digital version of the game, while PS3 owners will have to wait as there has been no mention of a release date.

The first episode, entitled Faith for The Wolf Among Us, will cost Xbox 360 gamers $4.99, while the season pass for episodes 2-5 will be an additional $14.99. PC gamers will be able to purchase the season pass for $25, but a 10% discount will be available for those who pre-order. As far as PlayStation 3 owners,  the season pass will be $19.99, but as stated earlier, the release date has not been given but hopefully announced soon.


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