Call Of Duty: Ghosts Squads Info And New Trailer!

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Get your Call of Duty on with Squads in the new Ghosts game! The newest Ghosts trailer shows off the different game modes for Squads and who you’ll be playing with and against. With Squads you’ll be able to create your own team of bots that will level up with you, and even without you when you are offline. Of course you can also play alongside real players in the new Squad modes also.

call of duty ghosts squads

Squad game modes are:

Wargame: Play alongside six AI bots or real players in this new game mode of 6 vs. 6. The mode will scale with difficulty depending on how good you are.

Squad Assault: Co-op mode where you and five others face against the player-made squads of offline players. Your own squad will earn XP while you are offline and other teams play against it also.

Squad Vs. Squad: Here you will take your created squad vs. another player and the squad they created. This mode will offer you a bit of strategy on how to prepare your squads loadouts.

Safeguard: 4 player co-op survival mode. How long can you last against waves of enemies?

Squads sounds pretty cool. And all the XP you earn from playing Squad game modes will carry over to the regular multiplayer! Here’s the trailer!

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