Need For Speed Rivals – Slam Your Way Into Progression

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This is probably the slickest Need For Speed Rivals trailer yet! Lots of slams, bams, and even some nice jams. This new trailer highlights some of the different challenges to complete towards the game’s progression. I thought the game looked pretty awesome before, but this is definitely my favorite Rivals trailer yet. It’s loaded with tons of awesome racing action featuring high-impact car slams, and my favorite of all – spike strips! It seems to me like they’ve taken all the best of every Need For Speed game and lumped it all into one awesome one. Check it out!

need for speed rivals screenshots 1

In Need for Speed Rivals, you can take on unique careers as both a Cop and Racer where your story, gameplay, cars, and tech differ for each side of the law. As a mysterious Racer named Zephyr, draw the attention of the masses in Redview County. In this trailer, you’ll get a look at some of the adrenaline filled moments that you’ll see on your Speedlist as a Racer, or the enforcement objectives you’ll be given in your Assignments as a Cop. Progress through your career, get access to faster, better cars and purchase more advanced tech to take out your ultimate rivals.

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