Dragons Of Elanthia Now On Steam’s Greenlight

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Dragons of Elanthia is an upcoming free-to-play multiplayer game where you fly around on the backs of dragons! It reminds me of Panzer Dragoon a bit. They started taking Beta applications a bit back, and you can still sign up! They just went live on Steam’s Greenlight yesterday so go check them out and give em your vote! Game info and trailer can be found below.

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Dragons of Elanthia is a fast-paced and high-flying multiplayer shooter that puts you in control of a powerful and ancient dragon! Set in a world wracked by uncontrolled magic, the game features an ever-expanding roster of dragons and riders.

  • Mix and match characters! Pick from eight powerful dragons and eight legendary riders to find a combination that suits your play style. Or just find the combination you need to counter your opponent’s!
  • Blast ‘em out of the skies! Every dragon and every rider will feel different in a fight. Want to get up in your enemy’s face and blast them? There’s a dragon for that. Want to slowly whittle them down from a distance? There’s a rider you’ll like.
  • Level up! The riders and dragons you use in a match gain experience over time, leveling up and becoming even stronger!
  • Game modes for everyone! From classic deathmatch to full-blown sieges, there’s always something exciting to jump in on. Even more new modes will come in time!
  • Spectate away! Don’t have time to play? Just want to watch and learn? A dedicated spectator mode lets you fly around a match and focus on what you want.
  • Massive, beautiful maps! Play in a wide variety of environments, from magic-scarred canyons to dormant volcanoes! The world is a dangerous and beautiful place with this many dragons around, and the terrain offers strategic advantages to those who learn it.

This game seriously looks awesome! Will you be signing up for the Beta?

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