Free Instant Level 85 Heroic Character For Everquest II!

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Whether or not you already play or have not played Evequest II, everybody will have the opportunity to get a free level 85 Heroic Character between October 1st and the 15th! The Heroic Character is a new addition coming to Everquest II’s cash shop. We don’t have specific details on how to obtain the free Heroic Character just yet, but we do know how it will be implemented into the cash shop. Details below!

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Try before you buy: Access to a level 85 character in which you can play until level 86 that comes with 100 Alternate Advancement (AA) points to test out a class of your choice. Also includes a flying mount, armor, consumables, and a few restrictions.

Complete Heroic Character: A full Heroic Character can be purchased at Character Select or while playing as a Free Trial character. It includes level 85, 280 AAs, all items included in the Free Trial, and is unrestricted.

Upgrade Existing Character: The Upgrade option allows you to select any existing character at any level and upgrade it to a Heroic Character. All upgraded characters receive level 85 and are increased to 280 AAs, but not beyond. If you are above level 85 and have more than 280 AAs, you won’t receive additional levels or points, but will get a bundle of items that includes the flying mount, armor, and consumables.

Even more details can be found in the F.A.Q.

The Heroic Character will be available in the cash shop for 3500 SC ($35). Will you be getting your free character? I know I will! Even if I never end up playing it. I’m sure I will play a bit of it to at least give the game another try. I like the game, I’m just tired of the typical MMORPG tab-target combat system. This is a really cool event though!

Source: Everquest II Forums Via: Massively

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