Battlefield 4’s Battlelog Is Fully Integrated

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Battlefield 4’s Battlelog will be fully integrated into the game this time around which is really nice. Now there will be a widget in the top right corner that shows you which of your friends are online, and what Missions you have available to compete with them over. It will also give alerts to new high scores or when a friend joins a server you’re playing on.

battlefield 4 battelog

Battlefield 4’s Battlelog offers an overlay for each major gaming platform and acts the same as it does for your mobile devices, intending to offer a truly ease of use and familiarity. You will be able to check your friends stats, your own standing in the Geo Leaderboard, create Missions, and view the progress towards your next rank. All of this happens in real-time by the way. It will even suggest unlocks, medals, assignments, service stars and more for you to complete.

I haven’t played much of the multiplayer but I remember reading people having issues with it all the time. I even had some of my own. Now that Battlefield 4 has fully integrated the Battlelog, it should work much better and smoother.


My absolute favorite feature of the new Battlelog is being able to use a mobile device to find a new match to join without leaving the match you’re currently in. I just hope there’s also an option to do that from within the game itself. It wouldn’t make sense to me to be able to do it on a mobile device, but not in-game.

You can read more about Battlefield 4’s Battlelog, the mobile Companion, Geo Leaderboards, and customization on Battlefields Battleblog!

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