Diablo 3 Demo For Xbox 360 And PlayStation 3 Out Now

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I love Diablo 3 on the PC. I think it’s a really great game that is ruined by a horrible loot system. Loot aside, the gameplay is great, I love the story, and it’s just a lot of fun until you get sick of not being rewarded with any good gear. That said, it seems that the console versions of Diablo 3 received a much better loot system. That’s not saying much since the loot on the PC version makes absolutely no sense to the point of getting rare or unique drops isn’t even exciting. The game is still totally worth checking out, especially now that there is a demo available for your Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3.

Diablo 3 1

The demo is the same as the PC version , offering up a nice little bit of content to give you a good enough feel for the game. Here’s what you’ll get to experience in the Diablo 3 demo:

  • Fight up to and defeat the Skeleton King in Act I.
  • Access to the Barbarian and Wizard classes.
  • Level 9 cap.
  • Co-op games available only with other demo players.
  • Matchmaking not available for Public Games.

When I played the demo on the PC I was pretty impressed. But I’m a huge fan of the Diablo games and I couldn’t wait for 3. It’s definitely worth checking out and now that there’s a demo you have no excuse!

Thanks to Pixel Enemy for the heads up.

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