Batman: Arkham Origins Story Takes Place In “Year Two”

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“The Bat” patrols the city always keeping an extra watchful eye over the dark alleys of Gotham, ready to make sure no one ever kills another child’s parent again. Batman: Arkham Origins takes place in “year two” of Bruce’s fight against crime in the guise of a giant bat to strike fear and terror into the criminals of Gotham City.


Batman: Arkham Origins will provide insight into the relationship between Alfred Pennyworth and Bruce Wayne. Alfred just wants Bruce to move on with his life and be happy, he refuses to believe that destroying criminals can offer Bruce any true pleasure. He also fears for Bruce’s life. Bruce on the other hand will never let go. He will never stop his fight against madness. He has lost too much, and doesn’t want anybody else to ever experience that kind of pain. The criminals of Gotham have gotten away with too much for far too long. It is time for this insanity to stop once and for all. Justice will come in the night. Alfred watches over Bruce and does what he can to protect him by offering assistance and advice through a radio while I can only assume he observes the monitors in the Bat-Cave that scan the city.

batman arkham origins sideCaptain James Gordon goes through battles of his own. Not only are criminals so rampant in his city that they seem impossible to stop (he is determined to stop them anyways), but there is also a crazy vigilante dressed as a bat on the loose. On top of that, the Gotham City Police seem to care more about making money from criminals than putting them away and keeping the city safe from them. We will witness the timid and growing relationship of Gordon and Batman in Batman: Arkham Origins starting with Gordon’s attempt to arrest the vigilante.

Since Batman: Arkham Origins takes place in the very early years of Batman’s fight against crime, the city does not know him, they fear and hate what they’ve heard of him. They will blame “The Bat” for the terror on the city. Some criminals and citizens of Gotham don’t even believe Batman is real. The corrupt police force also seems more intent on catching Batman than they do actual criminals. Meanwhile, Batman has been taking down criminal after criminal resulting in a man known as Black Mask putting a $50 million bounty on his head.

Experience the beginnings of Batman, and his relationship with both Alfred, and Jim Gordon before he becomes the Commissioner, as Batman fights off nine very dangerous assassins wanting to collect the bounty on his head all in one night, Christmas Eve. The holidays are coming sooner than you think when Batman: Arkham Origins releases on PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U worldwide on October 25.

Information in this article was provided by via a cool interview at VG24/7 with Warner Montreal’s creative director Eric Holmes.

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