Xbox One Will Support Up To Eight Controllers

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The Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360 had up to 4 controller connections, allowing players to connect up to four of their friends in battle on many much-loved games for the consoles.  But Microsoft has confirmed that the Xbox One will now have the ability of connecting 8 controllers at one time, while the Playstation 4 will have the 4 controller connection.

A little known fact about the PlayStation 3 is that it actually can connect up to 7 controllers at one time, but only very few games support this feature.

The new Xbox One controllers will have the ability to operate over a range of about 30 feet.  30 feet is less than the width of the average doubles tennis court, or the same size as a Aegisuchus witmeri, a prehistoric crocodile – fun fact!

All the new details on the Xbox One controllers can be seen on the official Xbox One product page (as spotted by VideoGamer).

The Xbox one controllers are set to be priced retail at $59.99, but with a Play and Charge Kit, it will cost roughly $74.99 at retail.  The Playstation 4 controllers will have a retail cost of $60.00.

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cbb3cc7414be11e3957d22000a1fa40f 7

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