Rockstar Requests No UK Dispatch Of Grand Theft Auto 5 Before September 16th

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It is being reported that Rockstar has requested that online retailers hold off from dispatching copies of the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto 5 until September 16th. VideoGamer is quoting from an email that was sent to customers of the UK retailer GAME and below is where it mentions about not dispatching the game before September 16th:

“GTA V is released on 17th September and Rockstar, who publish it, have worked very hard to make it the biggest gaming launch ever.”

“They have requested that no UK retailer despatch GTA V before the 16th September and GAME, along with all reputable retailers, will respect this request.”

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No early dispatch of GTA 5 in the UK

GAME does say that it will be processing orders earlier than normal because of the “epic size” of the upcoming title from Rockstar, before they reiterated that this would not mean that customers would not be getting their copy of the game early. Grand Theft Auto 5 is due to release on September 17th for the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3.

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