‘Next Car Game’ Gorgeous Pre-Alpha Footage And Pre-Orders Available!

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Next Car Game is a project by Bugbear Entertainment, the developers of most of the very fun Flatout games, and the slick Ridge Racer Unbounded and Driftopia games. Next Car Game will have a new focus on car building and maintenance. A real title for Next Car Game is in the works.

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Next Car Game will be funded by pre-orders so after you check out the awesome video below, head on over to their website and order that bad-boy! They will not be doing a Kickstarter because it “turned out to be tricky” for non U.S. citizens. The Alpha build is ready enough for an official release, however they’re focusing on getting pre-orders to fund a much more polished game. The Alpha build is already really impressive looking, just imagine how it would look fully funded! Later this year they will give a playable demo to the people that pre-ordered. There are multiple tiers that you can pre-order at with a small discount from the retail price after release, starting at $25.

The game will originally be released on PC with wheel support. Depending how many pre-orders they get, they will also try to get it on current and next-gen consoles. The release for Next Car Game is planned for early spring 2014.

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