Update Adds New Multiplayer Mode To The Last Of Us

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While The Last of Us is best known for its compelling story and entertaining gameplay but it also contains a fun multiplayer mode and Naughty Dog has issued a free title update which has added a new objective multiplayer mode to the game, in addition to a various amount of fixes. Some of the fixes include correcting some cutscene errors in the single-player campaign along multiplayer fixes including increase the revive distance and changes to item cache locations.

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It is nice to see that Naughty Dog isn’t charging people for this update

The new multiplayer mode is called ‘Interrogation Mode’ and sees both factions working to open the other’s lock box. This is done by interrogating five members of the opposite team, and the ‘interrogations’ are achieved either with a shiv, or with a button prompt after taking an enemy down. The winner is whichever side gets a lock box open first. More information on the patch notes can be found on the PlayStation Blog.

You can view a video about the new ‘Interrogation Mode’ below:


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