Nintendo Announces The 2DS Handheld, Aimed At Children Under 7

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Well – we can’t say we were expecting this one! Although Nintendo is well-known for revising their handheld models frequently, it is slightly strange even for them to announce a new revision of the 3DS that actually has fewer features than the original! Regardless, Nintendo has officially confirmed today that a new entry-level handheld console will be released on October 12th – the Nintendo 2DS.

 Nintendo 2ds 502x400

Yes that’s right, 2DS. Launching the same day as Pokemon X and Y, this new handheld model seems to be aimed at the younger, entry-level market. For those younger gamers, 3D images might be a problem so Nintendo has decided to go down an all-2D route for this system. As you can see it is also arranged in a tablet-like design rather than the traditional clamshell. All of the other 3DS features are present such as Wi-Fi and local multiplayer and it plays all of the 3DS and DS software. The system (in blue or red) will also ship with a 4GB memory card when it launches in October for $129.99. Both the standard 3DS and XL will also continue to be sold, meaning three separate variations of the same hardware.

So what do you guys think? Although you may not be the target audience for this system do you think it will sell well amongst its target audience? Could the lack of 3D and tablet-like design of this and the Wii U indicate the route we may see Nintendo take in the future? Let us know your thoughts below.

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