Ubisoft Announces Panzer General Online

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Ubisoft’s Blue Byte Studio is celebrating its 25th anniversary by bringing back the Panzer General franchise. Now before I go into more detail, let’s all take a moment to congratulate Blue Byte on the anniversary, with so many studios shutting down it is nice to see someone continuing to go strong in the industry.

Free-to-play Panzer General Online will be browser based,

Free-to-play Panzer General Online will be browser-based

Panzer General Online is being developed by Ubisoft’s Blue Byte studio, in close collaboration with Funatics Software. It will be a turn-based strategy browser-based game. There will be single player and multiplayer modes, with single player being an advanced tutorial and allowing the player take part in battles including the Battle of Omaha Beach and the Battle of Monte Cassino. Multiplayer will be a much more strategic affair but no less intense we’re sure.

Panzer General Online provides comprehensive control of all the elements involved in the theater of war including airplanes, infantry, tanks and more. The game allows players to command units based on historically-inspired battles. Panzer General Online also incorporates elements of trading card-based games: players can collect and trade virtual miniatures of tanks, infantry and artillery to create their own personalized army.

Panzer General Online is scheduled to go into closed beta this year. Players can pre-register for the game at www.panzergeneral.com.

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