Rain Is Given An Early October Release Date By Sony

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Rain, the interesting new game from Sony Japan Studio, has been given a release date of October 2nd for those PlayStation 3 gamers who reside in Europe and will cost €12.99 (around £11), it was announced by Sony yesterday. Gamers in North America will receive the game a day earlier than their European counterparts and it will retail for $14.99. If you pre-order before October 1st, you will receive a dynamic dashboard theme, five hand-drawn avatars, a musical montage, and a static theme.

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Rain is a very unique game and it will be interesting to see how the final product turns out 

One of the most interesting pieces of information about the game is that it is the latest game to be produced as part of Sony’s C.A.M.P. (Creator Audition Mash-up Project) initiative that allows anyone pitch an idea to them, and if Sony likes its then it will put some of its best talent on the project. Some games that have been produced via this initiative include Tokyo Jungle, Echochrome and Trash Panic.

Until you can get your hands on the game at the beginning of October, please check out a trailer of the game from Gamescom 2013:


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