FIFA 14 On Vita Is Virtually The Same Game As FIFA 13

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As we have known for quite some time now, the FIFA series will be appearing on the PlayStation Vita system for the third successive year in the shape of FIFA 14 but Eurogamer is reporting that it will essentially be the same game as last year’s FIFA 13…which was effectively the same game as FIFA Soccer that accompanied Sony’s handheld consoles as a launch title. All that you appear to have that is different in the ‘new’ version of the game are the kits that the teams play in and the players who will all be at their correct clubs.

FIFA Soccer > PS Vita

Here is a screenshot of FIFA Soccer for the PS Vita from 2011. FIFA 14 will look and play exactly like this but with different kits and the odd new player 

EA Sports’ David Rutter told Eurogamer that title is really the same as previous but didn’t say whether the game would be cheaper as a result:

Rutter on if there will be a version of FIFA 14:

“There will be a Vita version, and it’ll be the same great gameplay.”

Rutter on if the Vita version would be identical to the two FIFA games that preceeded it:

“It’s the same great gameplay and new kits.”

Rutter on if the game will see a price drop on Vita due to it essentially being the same game as last time:

“I have nothing to do with the prices.”

So if you already have either FIFA 13 or FIFA Soccer for your PlayStation Vita then there isn’t really any need to get this game unless you absolutely must have the latest kits and players available to you. I think could try a bit harder for FIFA 14 on the PS Vita because if they make the game worth having then it will sell and that will help both EA Sports and Sony. The current solution just reeks of laziness to me.

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