The Division: It Doesn’t Get More Co-Op Than This [TRAILER]

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While there isn’t a release date for Ubisoft’s The Division, the in and outs of the game are still being released and capturing our wandering eyes. The latest details for The Division are mind-blowing to say the least, and the latest trailer shows off its co-operative gameplay.

What features you ask? Well you have,

  • Simultaneous companion gaming. the division tablet
  • Asymmetric companion gaming.
  • Revolutionary companion gaming.
  • A character exclusive for mobile devices.
  • Join other players in real-time.
  • Spectate your teammates point of view from your tablet and reveal your enemies to them via tablet control.
  • Provide buffs to your teammates via tablet control.
  • Command drones to launch rockets at your enemies via tablet.

Wow! I mean, wholly crap – playing on the tablet looks like cheating, but all players will be able to do it (very interesting). If you haven’t gotten the message yet, mobile devices won’t just be some side feature in The Division, they will be a true addition to teamwork, and that my fellow gamers is pretty dang amazing.

Have a look at the trailer and let us know what you think!

Via: Polygon

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