ATLUS Summer Sale For Nintendo 3DS To Run Til August 31st

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A vast majority of the well acclaimed ATLUS Catalog, which includes Soul Hackers, Code of Princess and Etrian Odyssey IV is currently on sale via the Nintendo eShop. Until August 31st, players can get 10 dollars off these three titles. But after August 31st, the games will go back to full price. Here is a list of the games and prices:

Code of Princess (Rated T for Teen) – On sale until August 31st for $19.99
Blending the elements of a classic arcade side-scrolling, and frantic fighting, with a dash of the growth of an RPG, players who are fans of non-stop action will indulge in this game’s frenetic combat. With out-of-this-world multipliers that punctuate the strategic nature and demands of battling hordes of enemies played on a three-railed battlefield, this game will surely leave players on the edge of their seats.

Soul Hackers (Rated M for Mature) – On sale until August 31st for $29.99
Welcome to the futuristic world of Amami City. This city is permeated by the virtual reality world Paradigm X, who connects to the entire populace of the city. You play as the main character who is thrust into conflict after you accidentally get your love possessed by the evil demon Nemissa. Soul Hackers carries you into first-person RPG, which is in the same vein as all other games in the Shin Megami Tensei franchise. The graphics remain true to the original 1997 classic, but is not optimized with amazing 3-D graphics, made just for the Nintendo 3DS system.

Etrian Odyssey IV (Rated T for Teen) – On sale until August 31st for $29.99
The well acclaimed Etrian Odyssey series comes out with it’s 4th installment in the series, with it’s very first installment for the Nintendo 3DS. Using the touch screen of your Nintendo 3DS, you have the ability to draw maps of all the unique dungeons, create your own party by using the game’s many character classes, and even conquer those tricky dungeon puzzles and huge FOE monsters, in the pursuit for not only fame, but also fortune. Get ready to set out into the clouds of an amazing skyship and explore Tharsis’s oldest mystery.

Remember, these prices are only available for a short time and after August 31st, the games will revert to their regular prices so get them while the getting is good.

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