Disney Infinity Locking Up On PS3 [SOLUTION]

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Disney Infinity has been locking up on PlayStation 3 users while trying to play online. The official Disney Infinity Facebook page assures players that it is a network issue and not a software related one. The good thing is that if you still want to play Disney Infinity, you can in the single-player and co-op multiplayer mode. All you have to do is follow the instructions below to remove the patch that is locking up the PS3.


To remove the patch:
1. Go to the Game menu of the XMB.
2. Open the Game Data Utility folder (near the top of the list).
3. Highlight the Disney infinity icon with the characters background (this is the patch).
4. Press the triangle button on the wireless controller.
5. Select the delete option.
6. When asked “are you sure you want to continue?”, select YES.
Patch is now deleted.

To turn off network communication:
1. Go to the Settings menu of the XMB.
2. Open the Network Settings menu (last on the list).
3. Select Internet Connection.
4. Highlight “Disable” and press the X button on the wireless controller.
Network is now disabled.

Via: Polygon

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