Sony Announces PlayStation Vita Pets [TRAILER]

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Nintendogs was a massive hit on the DS platform a few years back, and can arguably be said to have directly contributed to that systems massive sales numbers. With Vita sales continuing to disappoint Sony, it seems that they want a bit of the doggie pie for themselves, and have today announced PlayStation Vita Pets for release next year.

Vita Pets 550x311

PlayStation Vita Pets is being developed at Spiral House, who were previously responsible for EyePet, and looks to be aimed at the younger end of the Vita demographic (if there is indeed such a thing…). It sees you picking from one of four different puppies and embarking on an adventure to Castlewood island.

The game combines pet simulator elements such as playing with your puppy, dressing it up and washing it, with a more game based section which has your puppy (under your control, obviously!) solving puzzles and exploring the strange island. AR mini-games will also be a big part of the experience.

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think – will this game attract tons of younger gamers to the ailing Vita, or is it just a sad attempt at a Nintendogs rip-off? Let us know. You can look forward to more info from this game at Gamescom next week.

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