Defiance Finally Gets First DLC [VIDEO]

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Back in April when Defiance was released, publisher Trion Worlds offered for only $39.99, a season pass that would allow a player not only in-game goodies, but also a 20% savings on all DLC.  That said, it was announced that the first DLC, The Castithan Charge, will be released next week!  This DLC was first announced back in May, but it has taken quite a long time for it to be given a solid release date.


If players already purchased the DLC or have the Season Pass, they will be receiving the following:

  1. Ability to play the Castithan Alien Species, allowing players to create a new character, or make changes to their existing character.
  2. An instanced single player horde-mode style, Battle Arena, that will allow players to open up a new mission line within the story, as well as have access to the Castithan Charge blade and in-game items.
  3. A new vehicle, a four passenger truck, The Raptor, that is designed to helps players quickly traverse the terraformed Bay Area.
  4. A very unique Castithan outfit.
  5. And for all Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 players, new achievements and trophies.

When the update goes up live, all Defiance players will receive the following:

  1. New charge weapons that include sniper rifles, shotguns and pistols.
  2. A new type of dynamic content mode, Sieges, in which it combines Capture-and-Hold points with kill scores, as players defend themselves from enemies invading various locations.  This forces players to work together in order to fend off enemy attack.
  3. A very highly challenging arkfall, Monolith Major, which includes a new tough boss and lots of loot to collect.
  4. A new PvP capture and hold map, Military Academy.
  5. A brand new Duel Mode that allows friends to battle each other in one on one combat.
  6. Even more in-game changes, including a new enhanced map and chat window.

Back when this particular DLC was announced, it was assumed that every player would receive the Battle Arenas mode, but recently, that has been changed.  Now only paying members of the game will receive the Battle Arena mode.

It seems Trion was late into starting the season pass content.  In order to fulfill the promised 20% discount to all players who purchased the pass, Trion will need to release at least four more packs of this size.

The Castithan Charge, will be released August 20th.

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